What I Love In New Orleans

in New Orleans

Since moving to New Orleans I’ve gotten SO MANY requests from readers visiting the city for the first time eager to eat, drink, and beignet.  Now… if you’ve never been to New Orleans, it’s like you can’t go wrong.  You could stumble into almost any bowl of gumbo and happily eat your way out.  That being said, I totally understand wanting to know where to find the best of the best in the city.

I’m new to New Orleans.  Really new.  I’m no expert on where to find the very best jambalaya, but you can bet that I’m going to do my best to find it.  I don’t care how many bowls I have to devour to find the best.

As I learn about New Orleans and explore the city, I’ll leave my suggestions in a part of my blog that you can always reference… right up in the header! It reads New Orleans!  Click on that header and you’ll find yourself in an ever-growing list of the food, drink, and places I love in this city.

I hope you come for a visit!  I hope we make awkward eye contact over a plate of beignets.  I hope I stand next to you to listen to this band on Royal St.  I hope I run into you at The Joint and you have BBQ sauce all over your face.  Anything goes!

You can also follow my New Orleans adventures on Instagram.  I made a hashtag (because that’s what we do now) #jtbnola.  Let’s live it!