Joy the Baker + Scratch Nail Wraps

Joy the Baker + Scratch Nail Wraps

Joy the Baker + Scratch Nail Wraps

Life is full of all sorts of simple pleasures.  Among them:  creamy iced coffee, pictures of cats wearing hats, eucalyptus scented candles, and pretty  nails!  Right?    

This July I’ve paired with  Scratch Nail Wraps (!!!) to design and bring you a set of lovely, bright, summer-inspired nail wraps!  Nail wraps are surprisingly durable nail stickers that go over bare or painted nails and transform plain nails into fancy nail-art nails!

 I’m really excited about this limited-edition collections, and I’m really excited about having darling nails without a ton of muss and fuss!  Seriously!

Joy the Baker + Scratch Nails

Let’s talk about the set!

July’s monthly manicure set will include:  a set of watercolor brush nail wraps, a set of cute daisy nail wraps, a set of picnic inspired nail wraps, a recipe card featuring a summer cocktail, and a set of flamingo cocktail stirrers and paper straws to properly adorn your cocktail!

It’s a summer treat-yo-self or a summer treat-yo-friend!!!

Joy the Baker + Scratch Nails

Daisy nail wraps are transparent nail wraps that looks lovely over clear nail polish and also look pretty rad over yellow or coral nail polish.

Also… let’s be the kind of people who write letters on stationery, all proper.

(Stationery by Minted, just in case.)

Joy the Baker + Scratch Nails

Brush water color nails are a mix of yellows and pinks, greens and blues.  They’re funky.  They’re playful.  They’re really great with a simple grey t-shirt and cut off denim shorts.  They’re also really great for when you need to point at various recipes in a cookbook. You know…

I really did miss my calling as a hand model.  Kidding.  Kidding…

Joy the Baker + Scratch Nails

It’s a picnic party!!

These wraps feature green grass, yellow and blue gingham, blue skies, and lemon and cucumber slices.  They’re my favorite!  Crazy, colorful, and perfect for summer.

The Joy the Baker + Scratch Nail Wrap Collection is only available for a limited time.  I mean… cool things don’t stick around forever.  Order the manicure box set by Monday June 30th and you’ll receive your set in early July.  It’s a summer dream!  I hope you fancy up your nails, make yourself a cocktail, a get straight to some good summer living.

xo! Joy

Photos by: Jon Melendez

Hand modeling:  Joy Wilson’s new career path.

18 thoughts on “Joy the Baker + Scratch Nail Wraps

  1. I was very impressed with these nail wraps when you came home recently and shared them. Nail polish and I have a love / hate relationship. These are easy to apply and do last. Even when they eventually wear around the nail edge it isn’t noticeable due to the fun designs. What a great invention for us who have trouble with getting it right with the real thing.

  2. Hi, I think you mean “letters” and “stationery.”

    Are these wraps less harsh than polish? I never use the stuff.

  3. Totally adorable! Ordering a set right this instant. I also must know, did you have a friend help take pictures or is there a new hands-free photo snapping tool I don’t know about yet?

  4. I am speechless. Beet Lemonade, and then this: nail wraps co-conspirator! I detest nail polish on my own fingers, for reasons that have nothing to do with aesthetic, but I might actually be able to handle this. Kind of thrilled.

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