Beyond the Kitchen

11 Little Ways To Get Through This Monday

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Welcome!  Here we are, all up in another Monday.  Before we get bogged down by the possibly overwhelming details of the day, here are a few tips to get us through the day and set us up for the week.  It’s like we’re holding hands through this one… but it’s not awkward or creepy…. it’s cool.

•  Don’t skip breakfast.  Hangry 10am email responses are not a good look.  This Toasted Oat and Coconut Muesli is easy to make, super healthful, and a great weekday morning hangry fighter.

•  Look good / Feel good!  I try to reach into the back of my closet on a Monday morning.  I reach for a dress that may have fallen out of my regular rotation but used to be a look good / feel good staple.  I try to take a few extra minutes to make myself feel pretty for the day…. maybe that means a bit of eyeliner, a cute dress, a spritz of perfume, or… simply not forgetting my deodorant.  Feeling confident walking into a Monday goes a long way!

•  Treat yo’self.   Have an extra cup of coffee and a cookie too!  Just enough to be a treat without feeling guilty.  It’s Monday and thank goodness not everyday is Monday.  It’s usually during this coffee and cookie breaks that I take some time to write out my to-do list.

•  A to-do list is essential!  Monday to-do lists must never take themselves too seriously.  Ideally they’re speckled with easy tasks like “make and drink coffee, twice” as well as unexpected tasks like “walk the long way to lunch”.  All of the hardline stuff about emails, deadlines, and commitments will fill in the rest of the madness, but take it easy on yourself.  Take it eeeaaasssyyyy.

•  Go for a walk.  Seriously.  Do the dang thing!  Maybe that means taking the long way to lunch, a quick jaunt around the block on a bathroom break, a step away from the keyboard and the endless tasks to change up the air we breathe.  It really does lead to a change in brain space.

•  When in doubt, watch people whale for a minute or two.  It’s oddly entertaining.

•  Decide that you have the time to do something distinctly un-Monday.  Bust out the stationary and write a quick letter to your grandmother, to your best friend, or to your mama.  Something about Mondays make us feel like we don’t have time for these small and loving moments.  It just takes a few minutes and it’s distinctly un-Monday.

 Listen to a thoughtful podcast or a new playlist!  I love Snap Judgement’s The End of the Line.  This playlist will be blasting in my kitchen this Monday morning.  Real!

Subtract the Internet when the Internet is too much.  Maybe it’s seeing everyone on Instagram in Mexico, on a road trip, or eating all of the things.  When the Monday Internet makes me feel the least bit bummed, jealous, or otherwise not awesome…. I’M OUT!  Check right on out.  Mondays are hard enough without having to see everyone you know/don’t know on Instagram enjoying Tulum.  Peace.Out!

•  Make an evening plan.  Last minute happy hour date!  On the fly dinner out!  Pink wine!  Call a friend!  Popcorn on the couch! Plans large or small… an after work situation is a lovely carrot to dangle in front of your face.

•  When all else fails, have a doughnut and scream into a pillow until Monday subsides.  Fairly effective though a touch melodramatic.

Remember, tomorrow is Tuesday and what a blessing that is!  Go easy and be kind to yourself.  Have a great week!  Tomorrow we’re making doughnuts and that’s really good news.