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My Favorite Travel Essentials

My Favorite Travel Essentials

I have a tremendous amount of travel coming up this Fall. I’m hitting the road to promote my new cookbook Homemade Decadence, and I can’t wait to meet you, sign your book, and find the very best doughnut in every city I visit.  I’ll post more about the tour soon.  We’re still ironing out the details.  In the meantime I’m gathering my travel essentials because hitting the road without my favorite scarf and granola bar is just not cool at all.

I love to get-gone.  Travel feeds my brain and soul.  Travel also means leaving the comforts and variety of my closet and medicine cabinet.  I think packing should be extremely intentional with just a hint of indulgence.  We’re going to need the basics along with a few luxuries that we can enjoy along with our super special hotel room service.  We’re going for healthy, stress-free, happy travel.  Here are a few things that help!

1  •  I always pack away a Filtering Water Bottle in my carry-on.  With a charcoal filter built into the cap, I can make drinking water out of any faucet!  This comes in really handy in hotels that charge $8 for the bottle of water tempting me from the mini-bar.  I’m just sure to keep the bottle empty until I’m through airport security.  They love to snatch these little gems full of water and then lecture me.

2  • For as much as I talk about nail polish, you’d think my nails are immaculate.  False.  I’m usually rocking some sort of nail disarray.  I travel with these Nail Polish Remover Pads because I don’t want to get caught with janky nails when I have an important meeting.

3  • This Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Nail Polish is the fastest and easiest polish on the go.  Two coats go on super easy and even, no base coat needed.  This is the best nail polish for an in-bed self-manicure.  You know?

4  • I’m not above the quick hand wash of a shirt in a hotel room sink.  There was usually some sort of barbecue sauce accident that requires the use of these Travel Laundry Detergent Pouches.  Also, one of these Tide To-Go in the purse is a really good idea where delicious food and silk are combined.

5  •  I don’t like to pile powder on my face so these Oil Absorbing Face Papers are perfect on the go.  They absorb any excess shine without adding more gunk… sometimes makeup feels like gunk.  

6  •  This creamy and smooth Pumpkin Face Mask is amazing!  It’s all-natural pumpkin and alpha-hydroxy acids for skin rejuvenation.  There’s also cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and ginger which makes the pumpkin mask feel like pie in the best way.  I just spoon a bit into a carry-on toiletry container and head out!

7  •  A headache.  I won’t stand for it.  Usually it’s just that I need to drink an entire bottle of water to rehydrate, but these flat / no-water-needed / on-the-go  Headache Medicine pouches are soooo good to go!

8  •  It’s important that I get my greens even when I’m on the road eating all of the doughnuts.  I just pack away a few Aloha Daily Green packs and shake them into a small bottle or orange juice.  It’s great as an immunity and energy boost!   

9  •  I never understood the need for a luxury like Evian Face Spray until I was on a plane for 13 hours straight.  That’s not a humble brag. .. it’s more of a cry for help from my dry skin!  The recycled air on airplanes will quickly dry out my skin, so a quick spray feels both necessary and luxurious.

10  •  I’m an angry person if I don’t have Hand Lotion when I need it.  I’ve gone so far as to rub chapstick on my hands.  Desperate times.

11  •  Traveling well has a lot to do with maintaining proper moisture levels.  Face spray, hand lotion and now the most indulgent of all: EyeDew Eye Pads.  They’re a wonderful treat for under eye moisture.  Definitely a treat!

12  •  Plane travel requires a security blanket.  This Traveling Scarf is made of woven Turkish cotton and is super cozy, comfortable, and multi-purpose.  It can be a bath towel, beach towel, neck warmer, or head scarf.

13  •  I like having power in my purse.  This  External iPhone / USB charger ensure that my phone doesn’t die and I don’t have to glue myself to a crowded airport outlet.

14  •  I’m generally at my best when I’m well moisturized and not hungry.  I always have a  Kind Bars or some sort of chocolate in my purse.  It’s all about keeping hangry at bay.

15  •  The stress of finding enough overhead storage space for a carry-on is an issue I want to forever erase from my travel brain.  I’ve been challenging myself to only pack what can fit in an Under Seat Carry On and the liberation of less is real!

I hope this is a help to you if you’re hitting the road this Fall or this holiday (too soon?) season!  Last tip… don’t be the person that carries the giant travel pillow through the airport.  Those dang things are inflatable now, thank goodness.