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Let It Be Sunday

Let It Be Sunday

Hello, my dear-hearts.  

It’s Sunday.  It’s carnival season.  It’s time to eat all of the King Cakes.  I was always under the impression that King Cake were covered purple, green, and yellow colored sprinkles… Not praline and gold leaf like this gorgeous cake from restaurant Domenica. Had I known King Cakes were so elaborate, I would have moved to New Orleans years ago!

Here is part of the world this week, distilled:

•  Paris is going through it right now.

•  It’s getting really scary in Nigeria with Boko Haram.  Actually… it’s staying really scary.  The same people that abducted 200 school girls are now suspected of murdering nearly 2,000 people.  Very very very bad news.  What are we going to do about it?   

•  Bad customer service.  Maybe you’re a bad customer. Dang girl, DANG.

•  What It Really Takes to Be an Artist.  It’s a lifestyle.  

•  Working in the food service industry in loud, hot, delicious, back-breaking, boozy, frustrating, and mostly totally fun.  Now that I’m out of the day to day restaurant world, I miss it… and I overtip.  We Are The 20%.  What Your Tips Look Like.

•  How Much Do You Really Change After You Turn 30.  Spoiler alert:  not much. 

•  This Is How We Date Now.  In related news:  I’M MOVING TO THE MOON.  

•  What It’s Like Having Four Kids.  In related news: SEE ABOVE (I’ll be on the moon). 

•  Ordinary People, Hollywood Budget.  It’s in all of us! 

•  I’ve been on a Chelsea Handler kick lately.  Wait… what an obnoxious thing to say about a real person.  On a kick.  How trite and fleeting.  If someone told me they were on a ‘Joy the Baker kick’, I’d be like… you know I’m a real person right!? Cool…  BYEEEEE.  So, let’s just say that I’ve recently and far too late just discovered how honest, gnarly, and hilarious Chelsea Handler is and I’d like a pat on the back and an ice cream sundae.  Here’s a Chelsea Handler thing:  Dave Grohl Interviews Chelsea Handler.    For the sake of clarity:  the moon is not the sun. 

•  New low:  a flash for selfies.  

 •  The Unstealable Bicycle.  People so smart. 

•  Clay Pigeons  // Blaze Foley 

Happy Sunday, my friends.  I love you so much.