Let It Be Sunday

sunday sunday

Hello friends and happy Sunday!  Should we talk about the fact that it’s already May or does that make you hive-y?  Me too.  The days run away.  They really do.  Let’s do out very best to breathe deep and take in every bit.  

I’m at Blackberry Farm in Tennessee this weekend.  I’m not sure there is any place more lovely and pleasant and I’ll tell you more about my adventures next week.  Suffice it to say, I’m eating everything, I’ve ridden a horse, gazed at mountains, and have yet to eat a single blackberry.  Working on it.  File under:  weekend goals.  

I hope your day is extra caffeinated and all sorts of lazy.  

The Internet, this week, distilled:  

•  We need to talk about Baltimore, about Freddie Gray, about what’s happening with our nation’s policing.  I think the best person to do that with is David Simon.  David Simon on Baltimore’s Anguish.  

•  Images from Nepal. In our prayers.    

•  Caution:  Appearing happy on social media can be used against you in a court of law.  

•  David Letterman on 33 Years in Late Night Television.  A legend.  He just can’t go.  We won’t know what to do with ourselves.  Really.  

•  The best and worst fonts to use on your resume.  We’re leering at you, comic sans.  

•  The anonymous sharing app Secret is shutting down but another anonymous app called Whisper is doing better than ever.  So… yes, apparently we still all want to sneak secrets to one another over social media, or at least some of us do.  The rest of us are still trying to figure out if we need to Snap Chat and why Pinterest is just all cat photos.  

•  Oh… should we talk about the fact that Millennials Don’t Trust Anyone?  Like… no one, except maybe every other person they follow on Instagram.  

•  Dr. Oz is kinda going through it right now.  Oprah broke up with him a little.  

•  As we head into summer months:  The Story of the Bikini  aka How Fun It Is To Be In Public In Your Underwear… it’s not.  

•  I LOVE these Hawaiian Floral Vans.  

•  Currently reading and absolutely loving:  This Is The Story of a Happy Marriage.  

Have the happiest day!  Tomorrow we’re talking about Chocolate Buttercream Frosting.  Get your spoons ready now.  

xo Joy