Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday!

Let It Be Sunday!

Here’s what I recommend.  I recommend you take yourself out to dinner.  Wear your loose-fitting jeans for max comfort, bring a book, call a car, sit at the bar, order an entire pizza for yourself, and have as much wine as makes you happy.  Be chatty or not.  Just go and do.  The solo quality time feeds the soul.  

Thank you to each and every one of you that came out to see me in Baltimore last week!  You laughed at my haggard jokes, I made a pie and wrote in your books.  I really do appreciate you.  Thanks also for suggesting I eat a Hersh’s in Baltimore.  It’s really so so good! 

This week has been chilly and hurricane threatened.  We’re busy.  I can feel the hustle in the air.  I hope you’re taking this day to breathe deep and rest.  It’s a long run toward the end of the year.  I vote we take it slow and easy.  

The Internet, distilled:     

•  Meet the American Vigilantes Who Are Fighting ISIS.

•  Why is this a new normal?  So far is 2015 we’ve had 274 days and 294 mass shootings.  

•  The paradoxical, pressure-filled quest to build a ‘personal brand’.  Me, Inc. We’ve made it a very strange life, haven’t we?  

•  We try to build ourselves up.  Maybe others try to tear us down.  Tale as old as time.  Now, we can rate each other like we’re restaurants.  It’s like Yelp… but for people.  

•  Threats. Vitriol. Hate.  Ugly truth about women in sports and social media.  Ladies know the deal, we get trouble from men and women on the Internet.  100% ridiculous.  Related:  See above… new site where we rate each other as humans.  SOS. 

•  Harassed while doing a report about harassment.  Just… the worst.  Really.  I mean… REALLY.  

•  We know what we’re supposed to do, we just don’t want to do it.  Eye contact got scary once we started staring at our phones all the time?  I dunno.  Stop Googling.  Let’s Talk.  

 I met you in the rain on the last day of 1972 – m4w  “I cry a lot.  Sometimes from the loneliness.  Sometimes I don’t know why.”  

9 Nodding Strategies For Your Next Meeting.  I currently working on 9 eye-rolling strategies for your next encounter with most of humanity.  Ok… that’s not true, but it should be.   

•  Let’s go to Savannah to see Cara and get out books signed!  

•  The weather has me thinking Double Crust Chicken Pot Pie.

•  The Mason Jar, Reborn.  Beyond preservation.  7-Eleven Mason jar Slurpee cups. Shark, jumped.  

•  Related:  Jumping the Shark.  

•  Ready to switch from purse back to backpack.  

Have a very good day.  

xxo Joy