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Let It Be Sunday!

Let It Be Sunday!

This week has been a symphony with moments of sure-footedness and focus, and a few scattered moments of self-doubt and late night Forensic Files episodes (enough to scare the surety out of any reasonable person).  I complained about the chill in the New Orleans air twice, obnoxious considering we aren’t buried under snow, and hopefully the chill has finally killed off the last of the swamp mosquitos.  I cried once because my Mom texted me to tell me she was proud of me… make that twice, because I just cried again typing out that last sentence.  

The lessons learned this week are these:  no late-night Forensic Files / it’s not that cold so hush / make your mom proud.  

The Internet told us these things:  

•  Ta-Nehisi Coates on His Breakthrough Moment  ‘The winner is the person that keeps asking questions.”  The winner is also the person that is a stronger, more talented writer… so there’s also that.    

 Letter of Recommendation: Sick Days.  Let’s be sick in bed… but not that sick.  This is important.  All signs point to putting down our phones and closing our email.  

•  I’m currently working my way through old episodes of Sex and the City and it feels strange because I am currently the age of the characters in the show.  Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha used to be older, adventured, relevant, and exciting people who possibly held a light to parts of my future, even in their imperfections… here I am.  And, HUH!?   This is related, but mostly about cupcakes:  The Comfort Food Diaries: Cupcakes, Reclaimed

•  Tom has a girlfriend:  Vases.  

•  ‘Sleep, much like running a marathon or chewing food, is a solitary activity. We physically lie next to each other, but we sleep alone.’  Why We Sleep Together.  Much like chewing food… 

•  Escape From The Internet!  Closing the curtains on a cult-following with the blog Young House Love.  

•  In case you wanted to read Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Donald Trump  with highlighted highlights.  

  The Presidents of the United States when they were young and hunky.  Please see #38 Gerald Ford.  

•  A Cozy Kitchen made this  Blood Orange Curd and I wish it would magically appear in my refrigerator but I keep opening my refrigerator and apparently, that’s not how things work.  

•  Did you know that you can sign up for Joy the Baker mailings including blog posts and semi-regular newsletters and giveaways?  It’s pretty cool if you ask me, but don’t ask me because I’m super biased.  There’s a sign up link in the sidebar.  Check it (likely scroll down).  —>

•  Sausage and Mushroom Risotto for your Winter comfort and your tummy satisfaction.  

•  We’ll spend 3.5 days of our life untangling headphones so… there’s that. 

•  Every episode of The X Files Ranked From Worst to Best.  Who knew we’d be back on an X Files kick, you know?   

•  Re: Mardi Gras.  Everywhere Else It’s Just Tuesday

•  Party.  Pizza Party.   Will you throw one and invite me?  Appreciated.   

•  Filed under Things I Made and Did Not Photograph is a coconut curry hot chocolate with curry marshmallows inspired by the book Quench:  Handcrafted beverages to satisfy ever taste and occasion.  I did take one picture and I’ll post the recipe next week!  If you must have it today:  coconut milk, dark chocolate, a little sugar, and a dash of curry powder, aaaand GO!   

I wish for you good and warm things,

xo Joy