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Let It Be Sunday!

Let It Be Sunday!

Hello my friends.  What the plan for today?  Going 0ut for Brunch and then going to Trader Joe’s to buy almond milk?  I imagine that’s what everyone is doing while I’m home making myself a third cup of coffee and bouncing off the walls.  Here’s an hour of solid Sunday distractions.  The Internet made it for us: 

•  It’s Oscar day, time to give away gold statues to people who pretend to be other people for our entertainment.  Here’s a perspective beyond the fine dresses (and I really do like the fine dresses): What It’s Really Like To Work In Hollywood* (*if you’re not a straight white man).

  Important weekend read:  The Final, Fateful Days of Lawrence Phillips

  Why Do We Teach Girls That It’s Cute To Be Scared? Thoughtful.  What does all of the caution add up to?  

•  Where Are All The Women Chefs.  The difference between men’s and women’s approach to food.  Plus courage and grit and nurturing.  

•  We are silly creatures but I understand the impulse of airline miles / status hoarding all too well.  The Madness of Airline Elite Status

•  The 41 year old hipster dude who is trying to help us escape our own madness and retire early. I’m ready to start clipping coupons.  Will that help?  From The New Yorker: The Scold.   

•  Love and the TV Attractiveness Gap.  The ‘ugly guy’ always gets the ‘hot girl’ according to television.  

•  Go for a long walk up a very tall mountain and play to the world because you can.  It’s beauty.  Cello atop a mountain

 What Does It Take To Become a Best Selling Author?  3 to 5 minutes. Amazon is taking over the ‘best-selling’ scene and apparently it’s not so hard to wear the crown.  

•  Just reading some research.  Spinster by Kate Bolick

•  I made these quick and easy 30 minute chocolate croissants a good while ago when I lived in a weird apartment in North Hollywood and my blog was very new.  Still winners.  

•  Let’s take a minute and remember that we share this planet Earth with PRINCE.  

•  The Culinary Institute of America (the other CIA) has a basketball team and they think they know a thing or two about smack talk:  Basketball and Beignets.    

 Smoked Vanilla Beans.  Yes.  I believe in you.    

Today is your day.  

xo Joy