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Summer 2016: Travel Treats

Joy the Baker // Travel Treats


Hello my friends!

I hope this summer takes you out on the road, soaring in the air, swimming in a lake, up in the mountains, peering into the Grand Canyon… you get the idea.  I hope you’re adventuring well.  I’m back in New Orleans after some adventures of my own and I wanted to give you a peek into my travel bag.  

Traveling takes us out of our home rituals and routines.  It’s great to shake those up, but also important to take some of those comforts with us on the road.  There’s a balance… and here’s what my balance looks like!  

I wish you sunshine and fresh sights!  There’s no time like now! 

•  I might look like a bit of a nutcase when I get on an airplane.  I have plane rituals.  Do you? I take several things out of my bag:  small hand lotion, small lip gloss, headphones, and and and these sanitizing wipes that I use to wipe down ever hard surface, tray table, seat belt, and window pully thing on my seat of the plane.  That tray table and air vent are GERM CENTRAL.  I don’t often get sick when I travel so I don’t care what kind of nutcase I look like.  

•  Headphones are an essential part of my travel bag.  On one of my last flights I sat next to a hummer.  A lady who hummed (God knows what) nervously as we flew.  Headphones were helpful to me… a lifesaver, really.  These headphones wrap up tight and cozy around themselves to prevent any purse tangling.  

•  Lips and cheeks in one little jar makes makeup travel life just a tiny touch easier.  Fresh touch-ups and, go! 

•  Hydration is key when you’re running around away from home, especially in the heat of the summer.  The energy, electrolytes, vitamins and hydration in these Nuun active tablets is fantastic!  They travel easy in my purse and I drop them in a water bottle for a quick pick me up and mega hydration.  These are good good. 

•  Travel takes us out of our routine.  Fantastic for the mind and soul to shake it up… not as fantastic for the skin care regime. I try to stay on it by throwing a few of these Dr. Dennis Gross Face Peel Wipes in my toiletry bag.  They’re a gentle exfoliator that will remove any lingering makeup or sunscreen, but won’t go so far as to make you red-faced the next day.  Gems!   

•  When I turned 30 (this was five years ago) I decided that I would do several things:  hire movers (and never try to move a giant couch out of a not giant front door again), and travel with my shoes in shoe bags (for the good of the shoes and the good of my shorts folded next to my shoes).  How adult!  We so grown.  

•  Gotta make sure we can Instagram at any moment.  Keep that phone life going strong without having to huddle around an airport plug:  the phone battery extender and case.  Boom.  Problem-o solved.  

•  I will not get caught without a snack in my bag.  The trick to a very good purse snack:  not melting, not crumbling or crunchy, sweet and a little odd, just odd enough that I won’t have to share with eeeeeveryone when I take them out .  Don’t hate the player, hate the game.  Good and Plenty on point!

•  A travel steamer helps those suitcase wrinkles fall out of my travel clothes (the wrinkles happen no matter what), and I can avoid the sometimes weird cheapo hotel iron.  You know?  We’re adults with fine linens.

•  A journal for notes and thoughts and doodles.  If I give myself the space, I’m always surprised by the words I’m able to spill out.   

•  Body lotions, face washes, and hand cream game strong with Burt’s Bees.  Feeding my skin with someone other than hotel soap.  

•  A laundry freshener for travel days that mean you might have to wear the same shirt over and over… not big deal!  A bit of Downy Spray and I’m back in business.  Fresh spray plus the travel steamer?  We’re in charge.  

•  No carry-on is complete without a beautiful light scarf, for plane chills, impromptu beach towel, or head wrap… I’m ready for anything.

•  My maj Tracy taught me the beauty of travel watercolor paints and a brush with water in it.  It’s so soothing to just take a moment and paint.  Equipped with creative tools when the mood strikes.  These are THE BEST.

What’s in your travel bag?  Tell me… I’m always looking for helpful trinkets and hacks.  

Happy Summering!  I hope you hit the open road or soaring sky.  

xo Joy