Beyond the Kitchen Holiday

The Holiday Give and Take

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Welcome to the time of year when impromptu gatherings have an added warmth (hopefully from a frosty Brandy Milk Punch), an added twinkle (from a well-adorned Christmas tree), and that extra bit of cheer and love.  We need it. It’s a cold, weird world. 

Here are a few things I like to throw together, have on hand, and share this time of year.  You know… for when you need that little something special to pass to your host or houseguest along with a big ol’ hug.  Little offerings to give // little offerings to take and make merry.   

•  Roasted Vegetable Winter Crumble // Like a sweet crumble, but with hearty winter vegetables and a crunchy bread crumb topping.  Definitely a stellar pot luck dish because there’s enough gruyere in there to win friends and convert enemies. 

•  Chocolate Almond Ginger Bark  // Good luck getting this salty, spicy, nutty, chocolate-y mixture off the sheet pan and into gifting bags and not into your mouth.  It’s a holiday challenge and I wish you the best. This stuff is so easy to make, really delicious, but actually super challenging to share. 

•  Carrot Cake Cinnamon Rolls  //  No one was ever mad that you brought cinnamon rolls over.  And if they were… pffftttt. Weird and highly suspicious.  

•  Warming Mustard Bath Powder  // Real mustard powder + epsom salts + essential oils and you’ve got an old-school healing bath.  No you won’t smell like a sandwich but dang wouldn’t that be a bonus if ya did?  (Yes.)

•  Peppermint Pretzel Marshmallow Fudge  // Fudge is fickle, fudge is kind.  Stir, but not too much.  Whip, but don’t be brash. It’s all a balance in candy-making but totally worthwhile, especially if there’s mint and pretzels involved. 

•  Brown Butter Banana Cranberry Bread  // “I LOVE BANANA BREAD” is what they’ll say when you offer someone this loaf.  You’ll nod knowing… of course they do.  Too easy.  

Happy day to you. Let’s be extra kind to each other… with rolls and fudge.  

I’m working on a boatload of holiday recipes and weeknight meals this week.  Much more soon!

xo Joy