Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday!

Hello dear friends, 

This week in things… Tron has found this unwavering and unapologetic placement in the middle of the kitchen rug, I’m watching a new television show called Taboo, we’re exercising our Constitutional rights, Elizabeth Warren is holding it down, and we’re celebrating love because we can and we need to.  

Here is some of the Internet this week, just some: 

•  Last week Tuesday, I was sitting at my computer and noticed some big gusty winds outside.  They got more and more intense before a tornado alert popped up on my computer. I know how to stand in a doorway for an earthquake (probably not what you should do anymore because that sounds not very secure), and I know how to stop drop and roll in a fire (also sounds not super helpful)… but I do not know what to do in a tornado, so I looked up at the sky, looked down at Tron and, went in the bathroom for a bit and everything was fine for me.  It all sounds very casual but weather here in New Orleans is nothing to mess with.  Tornadoes touched down in New Orleans East and destroyed homes and property.  Here’s how to help New Orleans East Tornado victims if you feel compelled. 

 Take 16 minutes and 12 seconds to watch humans in doubt. It’s very real. Ten Meter Tower

•  I’ve seen big bags of grapefruits for sale at the store which makes me miss my grandparent’s prolific grapefruit tree which makes me want cake, this cake: Grapefruit Curd in Grapefruit Cake

•  A Week in the life of P-22, the big cat who shares Griffith Park with millions of people.  Little kit-cat has a pretty sweet park, but that collar looks very uncomfortable.  

 Feels like we’re so far away from using the word bi-partisan.  Fighting our fights, hard and steadfast.  Federal appeals court rules 3 to 0 against travel ban.

 We’ve all got our hustle strong.  Here’s a look Inside the Uber Side Hustle.  (Can you feel your face? Y/N?)

 Jon made this Banana Pudding Ice Cream and we all deserve a scoop.  I really do feel like ‘deserve’ is the right word here. 

 Tell me… feeling it, or not feeling it.  (and 20% off with the code COFFEEADDICT) 

•  Last week’s offering was a Caesar Salad topped Pepperoni Pizza.  Well… people had a lot to say about my arms in the photos. I’m on the buff side (weird to say)… and believe it or not, I’m a little self-conscious about it.  Because some of you were wondering, I think the arms come from a lot of Chaturanga in yoga class.  

 Currently reading: Underground Airlines. What if we lived in these United States, but instead of abolishing slavery back when we did, we lived in a current version of our country where slavery was legal in four southern states?  It’s a great read. 

•  I want my home to have a familiar but not cloying fragrance, achieved most stealthily by Febreze Small Spaces Air Freshener with (nothing other than) Gain Original Scent, here.  I promise, it makes your house smell just faintly of clean laundry and it’s so subtle and inviting.  Also, DWHome Candles (my favorite being the florals). I dunno. These are just things I wanted to mention. 

 PSA: If he don’t wantcha, you don’t need him

•  Happy Valentine’s Day

Going to Brunch like a lady. Hope you are too.

xo Joy