Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday!

Hello dear hearts!  I hope this finds you taking your Sunday slow and easy.  I’m in Philadelphia spending some time and looking forward to a few days back in New Orleans soon. I’ll be making biscuits, investigating all the surfaces that Tron has turned into a scratching post in my absence, and watering the garden.  These Spring days are fine, indeed.  Wouldn’t you say?  Sending you my love… and also these articles from around the internet: 

 I feel like I’m still trying to catch up with all that is happening in Syria right now.  Here’s what I’m reading to educate myself.  Assad kills at least 85 with chemical weapon attack.  

Seven Lessons From Trumps Syria Strike

Syria’s Conundrum

•  Wow wow wow wow wow with the world:  Girl was found living among monkeys in India

 Offering you this restaurant review of La Cinq in Paris.  “A main of pigeon is requested medium, but served so pink it just might fly again given a few volts. It comes with brutally acidic Japanese pear and more of that flavourless watercress purée.”  Sounds delish and the price is right.

•  We sure do love a list, and white dudes making food… but maybe that’s changing some?  The World’s 50 Best Restaurant List Is Also A Bad Bucket List. 

 I met these lovely ladies at my book signing in Portland and I think their blog is just lovely.  An intention for April: Balance.  

•  Classics:  Don Rickles on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

•  Do you have the new book Dinner by Melissa Clark?  It’s what I’m opening next in my kitchen. 

•  I think this one is a lesson in keeping your face to yourself, mostly:  Appearing in stock photos has been the biggest mistake of my life

 Sometimes I watch Oprah interviews on YouTube because I miss her:  Oprah interviews JK Rowling.  The intersection of perceived failure and surety is profound. 

 I feel like this is a dye project that my maj Tracy could get behind:  Watermelon T-shirts.  

•  Feeling festive?  Hot Cross Biscuits.  I’m definitely making these again when I get home.  AStotheAP.

Enjoy this day. I hope there’s sunshine!

xo Joy