Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 129!

Hello sweet friends. 

Happy Sunday. Welcome to it!  

Two things:  one about television, one not about television.  

I know I’m about a year behind most of y’all but I have to tell you that I just started that television show This is Us, and to those of you who were losing your ever-loving minds about it last year… let me just say, I GET IT.  I had no idea I had so many tears in my body. 

Has this week felt like a vortex to you? I feel like all of the energy has been pulled from me.  Likely it’s a case of airplane rides and deep summer heat and I’m hoping for a recharge inherent in this weekend. I hope you’re finding your recharge, too.  

Here are some things: 

•   This is an important piece, as we’re all in this world together: The Living and the Dead. Also, the New York Times podcast The Daily has been reporting from Mosul this past week with some very important stories.

 Unfortunately, we’re not very good an empathizing with the millions:  The hard limits of human compassion.  

 You’re going to say a curse word to yourself under your breath at the end of this.  It’s all so deeply heart-hurtingly true: The 12 Hour Goodbye That Started Everything.  

 I really appreciate Torre Deroche’s voice.  See: A Very Awkward Breakup.  I’m also very excited for her new book The Worrier’s Guide to the End of the World.  

 Adult friendships take different shapes through the years and what’s always true is people just are who they are, and let’s not let Facebook algorithms mess with your minds:  It seems like my friends don’t like me.  

 A bit more: Why a Toaster Is a Design Triumph.  

 Mental fatigue is a real thing, friends.  Also, emotions are contagious – I KNEW IT!   Why sitting at your computer all day can wipe you out.  Goodness… we all need a hike and a nap. I’m certain of it. 

 On my morality scale, I truly can’t tell which wins- my everyday attempts at honesty and transparency or my deep desire for a discounted workout class. I faked being engaged for the discounts. I have to tell you, I would absolutely do this (except for the dress shopping- that just sounds stressful).

•   The Ultimate Playlist of Banned Wedding Songs.  Play a little game with yourself and just guess what’s on here before clicking over.  If the Macarena is on your mind YOU’RE RIGHT. 

 This is really interesting: A rare medical condition makes you love everyone, where oxytocin, Shakespeare and music intersect. 

 The lady who has been cutting my hair since it was ten years old and triangle-shaped used to have a wolf as a pet dog.  Ok… that was a real sentence and actually very accurate.  I knew it was a wolf because when I met him (his name was Sebastian) EVERY  PART OF MY BODY wanted to run for safety because I think there’s something biological in my DNA that was like AAAHHHH WOLF, exactly.  She had found him in the desert when he was just a baby and had been injured or abandoned or something equally dramatic, and he was just her dog.  A wolf.  Anyhow:  the friendliness gene that distinguishes dogs from wolves.  

 I’m trying this Golden Milk Powder from Thrive Market.  If you ever order groceries online, I think Thrive Market is a wonderful way to shop and give at the same time. 

 Can we have a feminine moment where I tell you that I’ve started reading The Woman Code? It’s an approachable and helpful guide to how all of our very delicate and hard working hormone makers work, how easily they can get wonky, and the way we can get them back in sync.  

 One of my favorite recipes and my old French Quarter apartment: Brown Butter Banana Bread

 Simple:  Stone Fruit in Red Wine

 However you listen to music, I highly recommend you add the band Sweet Crude to your rotation / collection. 

I’m glad you’re here. Enjoy this day.

xo Joy