Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 130!

Hello sweet friends!

I’m back in New Orleans after a few of the most fantastic summer days in Detroit, Michigan.  I stayed long enough to know that I need to return soon for more food and friendship adventures.  It’s a sincere, gritty, distinctly American town and I loved being there.  Also, there are a strong group of food ladies on the hard hustle out in Detroit… it’s super inspiring.  I’ll put up a short post about what I enjoyed in town, knowing that I need to visit again and again.

I hope your summer adventuring is sweet and fulfilling. I compiled this list of links for you because the world is just as beautiful and baffling as ever:  

  I’m going to leave this remarkable human story right here for you:  Kristin Beck: A Navy SEAL in Transition

 When a man really wants a giant wall.  

 The real problem here is medium-sized boats:  If You Give A Poor A Doctor.

 Thank goodness for the omelet guy:  My Week on a Weight Loss Cruise.  

•  Vastly different from the mountains of food on a cruise ship: Here’s What It’s Like to Live in the Woods, Off the Grid.

 She’s really a force of a woman. I enjoyed reading this: Angelina Jolie Solo.

 Could you just be ever so slightly less tedious?  The Reason Your Creative Type Has Broken Up With You

•  For us murderinos:  What I Know About My Best Friend’s Murder

 This cake looks like the cake I want to stand by the fridge and eat in slivers:  One Bowl Chocolate Sheet Cake with Simple Fudge-y Frosting!

 One of Deb’s very good ideas: Breakfast Slab Pie

 Stop Being a Snob and Use Onion Powder.  Chill on the name calling and ok.. yea. I feel the same way about garlic powder and Lawry’s Seasoning Salt. 

 I’m watching the second season of Last Chance U on Netflix. It’s a show with a lot of heart but I’m torn because I ultimately feel like these dudes need to stop hitting each other so hard and protect their brains. 

•  Amen amen amen:  Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb Pie.

I hope it’s a really great day!  Enjoy it all.

xo Joy