Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 132!

Hello my friends! 

Welcome to what we hope to make a fine day in the world.  Let’s be kind to one another, remembering that we’re all beating hearts and soaring souls in the world seeking love and safety.  Good grief.  If someone near you has forget these basic fundamentals, remind them with care.  Again… good grief.  

Here are some of the events of the week, everything but the hot-heads with the codes to nuclear warheads here and there: 

 NO. NO. NO.   White Nationalists March on University of Virginia. NO to all levels of this hatred and violence. This is not anything we will stand for. 

   A Theory of Jerks

 When choice between fame and flame: The Chef Who Wouldn’t Cook: Why Rocco DiSpirito Left The Kitchen 

 This is a really interesting episode of The Daily about women not wanting to talk about losing weight anymore and how Weight Watchers shifted it’s message brilliantly (with the help of Oprah):  A Culture Shift, Seen Through Weight Watchers

 A really beautiful photo series of all the feels from those front-row, no-chill, music fans:  The Front Row

 Annie Dillard’s Essay: Total Eclipse.  READ IT definitely. 

•  You may know that this summer I’ve been obsessed (it’s the right word) with making paper flowers.  I’m working on a tutorial but I’m also just trying to teach myself how to do this sooooo, here are some really lovely poppies out of tissue paper if you wanted to get started with me. 

 A reminder about one of our most reliable kitchen tools:  The science behind cast iron and the best oil to use!

 I wrote a pasta cookbook and it totally messed with my body image.  Words and thoughts from our friend Colu Henry whose pasta in divine and honesty, strong.  

 This is the pasta I made from Colu’s book and I would say that it would also be dead-delicious over a bowl of zucchini noodles: Creamed Spinach Pasta with Sausage and Pine Nuts

 Very old but still solid gold:  Brown Butter Strawberry Banana Bread.  

God bless us this Sunday.  

xo Joy