Beyond the Kitchen

Ten Small Ways To Be Happy

We all need a little spark of a reminder sometimes.  A little confetti in the air.  A little whipped cream on top.  A little something-something.  Here are ten small and simple ways to be happy in any given day.  When all else fails- champagne for breakfast and doughnuts for dessert.  

1  •  Do a chore that you’ve been putting off and immediately TREAT YOURSELF.  Maybe a door needs replacing or a floor needs deep cleaning or all the laundry needs putting away.  If this is the case, your house is exactly like my house and let’s take care of business and treat ourselves to watermelon and margaritas and chocolate bars. (amen amen amen)  

2  •  Give yourself a pep talk.  It could start as simple as this and then evolve into watching some of the best clips from The Office, here… before you remind yourself that you’re great and everything is going to be damn fine because you’re going to make it so.  

3  •  Exercise until you’re out of breath and exhausted. This might take you seven minutes or thirty seven- but get to the third or fourth time your mind is trying to talk yourself out of doing what you’re doing before you stop because these bodies are stronger than our brains would have us think.  

4  •  Don’t hold on too tight anything.  See: mistakes, victories, loves, not-loves, insecurities, surety.  Go easy and keep it loose.  Yoga helps.  Yoga breathing helps, if you’re not down with the triangle poses and down dogs.  

5  •  Have a sandwich for dinner.  Making a good sandwich for yourself is a meditation and a belly-satisfaction.  You might consider this: The Best BLT Sandwich.  

6  •  Use a new soap in the shower.  It’s incredible how a new fragrance can liven the mind.

7  •  I dream it / I work hard/ I grind till I own it.  Don’t forget your inherent slaying in just doing your dang thing everyday, OK!? 

8  •  Write down why you’re grateful for a few folks in your life- call and tell them what you think without any expectations.  It feels good to make people feel good and very often we don’t say the things we mean to say to one another. Our girl Tracy taught us how to make a gratitude journal just last week. 

9  •  Remember that Sheryl Crow had it super right when she said ‘everyday is a winding road‘ and that was even before she met Lance Armstrong so really she must know a lot. 

10  •  Try banana bread.  The smell alone will help, plus you made something from scratch, plus you’re not wasting old, well-intentioned bananas.  

You’re a precious gem and thank goodness we’re in this together.  

Enjoy this day, ok?

xo Joy