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9 Great New Cookbooks for Fall 2017

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Y’all!  It’s that very exciting time of year when we get to add new cookbooks to our stacks.  I don’t say this lightly.  Lord knows I have stacks on stacks.  If cookbook were Louboutins (why would they be, though) I’d have a closet like Lisa Vanderpump.  Instead I have stacks on stacks of cookbooks on shelves and tables and buffets and desks.  I’m working on a library and there are more still I’m adding to my collection.  

There are some real loves in this collection of books and I hope that you too find some inspiration to add to your kitchen library.

•  Dining In is the first book by Alison Roman who you may know from her lovely food at Bon Appetit and Buzz Feed Food.  I love her food aesthetic and am really looking forward to some quality time in these pages.  

 Our girl Deb Perelman is out with her second book, Smitten Kitchen Everyday, in just a few weeks!  Deb is the most approachable, and her recipes are so well thought and tested.  She’s just the best and I can’t wait to make all the cake in this book.  (I hope there’s a good amount of cake.)

 If you’re an enthusiastic baker and there’s any one books you treat yourself to from this list please let it be Fearless Baker by Erin McDowell.  Erin is one of the very best bakers we know – and we all know Erin because she’s helped style and develop recipes for numerous cookbook and makes some of the best recipes on Food52.  Her cookbook is filled with stunning recipes and so much approachable knowledge that this book is suddenly an essential in my kitchen! (I’m baking from it next week and VERY excited)

 Yotam Ottolenghi is here to blow our minds with sophistication and simplicity and flavor with his new book Sweet.  I mean… I’m still wrapping my head around Plenty, but the hits keep comin’.  

•  The best food magazine is now out with a cookbook and the community and collaboration could be better.  See:  Cherry Bombe by Kerry Diamond.  There’s a coconut stew in this book that I’m making next week.  From breakfast, straight through to dessert, this book is brought together by tons of amazing women in today’s food space and the diversity of food and ideas in one book is really incredible. 

 I feel like we’re getting let in on a lot of secrets with this book and for that I feel very grateful.  Zingerman’s Bakehouse by Amy Emberling I’ve already dubbed a classic that I’ll reach for every time I want to bake up comfort with adventure.  This book is a beautiful and reliable guide. See: Zingerman’s Detroit Style Pizza.  Did not disappoint. 

•  We should all have this book to inspire the the way we gather these days.  Feeding the Resistance by Julia Turshen + several other bright minds and political activists inspire us to gather with a light towards nourishment and social awareness.  Fight the good fight. 

•  Have you ever been to the Julia Child exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington?  It’s a recreation of her kitchen and just proof positive that following your own compass is the only way to go.  The same example comes from the great Alice Waters: Coming to my Senses.

•  I Hear She’s A Real Bitch by Jen Agg.  I feel like this might be what half of the people who know me say about me behind my back and listen… I’m not here to disagree.  This book appeals to me because getting things done comes with colorful name-calling sometimes. 

xxo Joy