Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 141!

Hello my friends! 

These aren’t easy days, are they?  When I’m paying attention, it feels like chaos in the world.  When I’m not paying attention (aka, when I’m Watching Real Housewives of New Jersey) I feel guilty that I’m not paying attention.  Here’s what I do know from the paying attention part of my week.  We need one another and right now that means donating any extra dollars we can to our friends in Puerto Rico and Northern California. We need compassion for one another… and in addition- we need to vote with clear minds, stand up for our neighbors, and be decent, and kind, and here for each other. 

  This short documentary from the New York Times is really powerful and I hope you take a few moments to watch it.  I Have A Message For You.  You’ll cry. I cried. 

  This week I was taking a walk with a male friend and I saw two neon-vested worker-type men standing on the street corner ahead of us.  One  of the vested men nudged the other with his elbow and they both looked up in my direction.  If you’re a lady reading this, you know where this is about to go.  I knew that once I walked past them, they would turn to look at my butt… or whatever else on my body they thought they could get away with looking at NOT SUBTLY AT ALL.  I lamented to my male friend once we were passed them (and they had likely gotten their look) and his response:  You should do something about that.  Yea… but what exactly does that look like?  This is exactly why women lament and laugh and share with one another… because we know this is nothing new and nothing soon leaving. Thank you for the link Suzonne. Laughing Until We Cry:  Conversations About Getting Grabbed, Flashed, and Groped.

  I think very often about how much meat I eat and which meat I choose to eat and this article about antibiotics has me thoughtful:  Read this and you may never eat chicken again.  Helpful along this:  Olive Oil Braised Chickpeas with Feta for dinner. 

  Two ways you can help the many victims of the fires in Northern California:  The Tipping Point Relief and The Napa Valley Community Foundation.  Y’all this is devastating and so much seems like it’s devastating these days but we can’t tune out.  We gotta stay in this.  Donate if you can. 

  This week I’m going to search out palm sugar and make pad thai from scratch. This version of Pad Thai from The Kitchn is made with spaghetti squash.  

  Have you listened to the Dirty John podcast? It’s one of those things everyone is freaking out about and I get it… but I also yelled up at the heavens listening to this because human are frustrating and flawed people.  Speaking of other podcasts with flawed (but hilariously charming) people, I was a guest on my friend Whitney’s new podcast last week:  Reality Reality.  We talk about reality television and it’s VERY not important / maybe hopefully entertaining. 

  Offering Morning Glory Oats for your comfort this week.  Also, Peanut Butter Pecan Biscotti (pictured above with a handful of chocolate chips.) 

  This sweatshirt seems like a good idea. 

  In times of need I watch Oprah videos on YouTube, ok? Super Soul Sunday with Tich Nhat Hanh.  Peace, presence, and the beginner’s mind.  Darling, I am here for you. 

xo Joy