Let It Be Sunday, 146!

Hello sweet friends! 

Do you already have your Thanksgiving turkey?  Are you making some sort of vegan turducken with eight different kinds of squash?  I’ve been looking forward to this holiday moment for months and here I am feeling like it snuck up on me. This might just be anticipatory anxiety and I’m here (shoveling candy corn in my mouth) to tell you this is something we can work through. 

I hope this day treats you well. I hope you feel both restful and productive.  I’m making Sweet Potato Pie with ten lovely folks at The Bakehouse today and if that’s not forward motion into the holiday season, I don’t know what is.  

This week’s offering: 

  This is the service of love:  Love’s Road Home

  I want to think that my first memory is being in the hospital at 2.5 years old when my little sister was born but really, I think I’ve constructed that memory from all of the stories my family has recounted of what a nightmare-brat I was that evening.  I didn’t know what a sister was but  I was sure she was going to cramp my style.  I was right, she was cuter that me.  Here’s a more refined and adult perspective of childhood memories or the lack thereof: Coming To Terms With Everything My Daughter Won’t Remember

  True though, isn’t it: Being on the right side of history in 1998 sucked

  Bethenny for President.  Just kidding but also, not really. 

•  Thanksgiving Nutrition Tips: Eat Whatever You Want if you’re hungry until you’re mostly not hungry anymore. Try again tomorrow with a salad if you’d like. 

  These Creamy Smoked Gouda Brussels Sprouts are going on the Thanksgiving table this year. 

  PSA: Five Tips For The Best All Butter Pie Crust.

•  VERY excited to get my holiday decorations in order and Suzonne and I are hosting a Magnolia Leaf Wreath Workshop in The Bakehouse on December 2nd and you should join us!

•  Just in time for the eat-holiday of the year, Buzzfeed tested the very best mashed potato recipes and I AM HERE FOR THIS.  Tyler Florence boils his potatoes in heavy cream which is equal parts infuriating and intriguing. I’d try this recipe and maybe make ice cream with the leftover cream?  Let’s brainstorm this. 

  To watch this upcoming holiday weekend:  Chasing Trane

  I have deep respect, as a childless person, for this list:  12 new moms on the gifts they want for the holidays.  Spoiler alert friends, all y’all are getting paper flower for Christmas.

Enjoy this day!  We’ve got this. 

xo Joy