Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 153!

Hello friends! 

What’s good?  

I’ll tell ya what?  New Orleans is seeing some slightly warmer days this weekend, it’s the start of Mardi Gras, I’ve just popped a King Cake in the oven, and I’ve already decided which cocktail I’m going to enjoy when I head to dinner tonight.  We’re rolling into this year with a city-wide, month long party and I’ve got my glue guns and glitter ready to go costume.  What did I do before I lived in New Orleans?  I have no idea… 

I hope this days finds you well and warm. Free of fire and fury- just settling into this Sunday.  

Here are our links for reading this week: 

 Some inspiration to be stronger and more kind than we even think possible for ourselves.  Two boys carjacked an 80-year-old Baltimore City Councilwoman. Now she’s there advocate.  

•  An unexpected love story thank goodness.  

 Look around, we’re SUPER not ok.  The Year Climate Change Began To Spin Out Of Control

 There’s a reason using a period in a text message makes you sound angry.  If someone sends me this text message “Ok.” we’re very obviously in a fight and there’s a problem.  

 The opposite of toxic masculinity ruining the party again:  Examples of Toxic Femininity In The Workplace.  

 Maybe She’s Born With It… Maybe It Something Else.  For me it’s: oreo cookies, yoga, and gin.

 A history of breaking rules, now with coffee:  The Lady Falcon Coffee Club.   

 I love these weekly food diaries and this one in particular is pleasingly real:  Deb Perelman’s Grub Street Diet.  

 A very important list of the The 50 Best Podcasts of 2017 because I feel like I’ve listened to just about everything.  I’m going to start with This Is Actually Happening

 I’ll tell you what, being cold is not relative.  Being cold is being cold, whether you live in New Orleans or Portland Maine.  I think we’ve all been cold and in need of comfort this week.  I’ve been on a double sock + slipper kick that’s keeping me safe from my drafty floors.  I’ve also roasted every vegetable in my house.  See:  Roasted Vegetable Winter Crumble.

•  Currently listening to this on audiobook: Jodi Picoult’s Small Great Things.  

•  For some reason, as much as I travel, I always have a hard time figuring out how to consolidate my face wash into a travel size to take with me.  Problem solved: Papaya Enzyme Powder Facial Cleanser

•  Listen… we just NEED cake right now.  It’s non-negotiable:  Chocolate Orange and Nutmeg Cake.

Take good care today, and have some dang cake.

xo Joy