Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 157!

Hello Sunday Friends!  Welcome to this fine day. Rest. Let’s take in some good rest. 

It’s been a busy week at The Bakehouse with a floral workshop and a King Cake making workshop and somehow tonight the dishes are mostly done and put away and there’s only a hint of glitter still on the floor.  Mardi Gras seems to have snuck up on me and honestly, I’m so glad it did.  I don’t have my costume entirely finished, but one way or another I’ll have pompoms on my shoes and sparkles around my eyes by this Thursday at the latest. 

Are you warm and well and taking good care? That’s my hope for you today.  

Here’s some good reading.  Cheers to taking the time to let it in: 

 The Winter Olympics are fast approaching and we’ll see the world’s best athletes doing some of the most mind bending things thanks to ability and bodies and very hard work.  But do you ever think of like… the very fist time a would-be Olympian tries something insane?  Like, how do you get into some just light luge work?  Well – here’s how:  Learning To Luge.

 This left me blurry with tears and tender-hearted. Mister Rogers: Can You Say… Hero? Do you know you’re strong on the inside too? 

 Ok it’s the Super Bowl today.  Cheering, kneeling, whistles, crashing, smashing, kicking, Justin Timberlake, money money money money money. It’s American football, shrug emoji.   Four Ethicists Walk Into A Super Bowl Party

•  Modern home kitchens are geared more and more towards men.  The Man’s Man’s Kitchen.  I feel like there’s a really easy joke about gearing kitchen sinks and dishwashers towards men, too.  It’s right there isn’t it? 

 Why Everyone Is Obsessed with Skin Care.  Guilty, if there’s a serum – I’ll try it thankyouverymuch.

 I think of this documentary so often.  The grit and fortitude is… well it’s what we’ve all got in us.  Losing Sight Of Shore.  Please do find it and watch!   

 I think I became a baker, partly thanks to the amount of early 80’s brown rice, tofu, date rolls I had to eat.  My parents were early health food enthusiasts and while I’m now a thankful adult… when I was five literally all I wanted was a package of Oreo cookies in the house.  I’m not alone:  How Carob Traumatized a Generation.

 I guess this makes me the sucker that pays for everything she has in her cart.  The karma otherwise just isn’t worth living with, ya know?  The Banana Trick And Other Acts of Self Checkout Thievery 

 I make this recipe from Food & Wine often.  I use boneless skinless chicken thighs with great success.  It’s so simple!  Garlic Braised Chicken with Potatoes

 Next week I have a cocktail recipe comin’ atcha that calls for Gran Classico.  It’s now a bar staple.  10 out of 10 recommend.  

 The time for talking about the dog is over. Gosh, isn’t that the truth. 

 Lately, daydreaming about this trip to Costa Rica a few years back.  The days felt so long. Gloriously long.  And there was one of these smoothies everyday after a morning of attempted surfing.  Banana, Leche y Cafe con Chocolate

I’m wearing this rather perfect day heel from Everlane these days.  It’s an all-day wearable shoe and I think it’s chic and classic, too.   

Have a really lovely day!  I’ll be back with a cocktail soon.

xo Joy