Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 169!


Happy Sunday to you!  My head is spinning with springtime New Orleans vibes so please excuse the brevity.  I hope this finds you happy and well and wearing shorts despite the lack of tan.  We’re all in this together and we’ll make it to summer tan on way or another.  

Here are a few of the links that resonated with me this week, please:  

 If you’re into true crime and the podcast My Favorite Murder you might also be into the most incredible book I’ll Be Gone In The Dark in which case you’re maybe never going to sleep again which leaves you plenty of time to read about how (in epic news!) The Golden State Killer was arrested this week!!!  (Sacramento Bee)  

Stay sexy –  Don’t get murdered.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

 A book I bought this week: We Need To Talk : how to have conversations that matter. (Amazon)

 If you grew up with The Cosby Show, you know the dissonance felt with Bill Cosby’s guilty verdict this week is large:  Cliff Huxtable / Bill Cosby (New York Times)

 New York in 1978.  There’s some strong summer-living inspiration in there.  Let’s hold close. (New York Times)

  From Food52: Looking Back at 10 of Our Favorite Food Bloggers First Posts.  I’m lucky enough to be included with a few other blogger dinosaurs.  

 This week at The Bakehouse we welcomed Andrea Slonecker (cookbook author, food stylist, and generally awesome lady!) for a pretzel baking class.  Andrea showed us how to make all sorts of pretzel shapes, how to work with lye, and how to eat hot pretzels with an insane amount of cold butter.  We also made pretzel pockets using this:   Jessica’s Crawfish Pie.  They were BONKERS! (Amazon / Food52)

 We’re adding a few classes to the Autumn schedule at The Bakehouse:  check out the upcoming classes.  More added soon!  (Eventbrite)

 I love the sweet paper flower crown from The House That Lars Built! 

•  I am:  In Search of the Ultimate Mint Julep. (Punch)

Have a lovely Sunday!  More soon! 

xo Joy