Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 171!

Hello dear friends! 

Happy Mother’s Day.  Please take some time to honor the woman whose ear you screamed in for years on end.  And if you’re that woman, you deserve all of the flowers and thanks and solitude. Bless you.  

I recognize that this day might not be the easiest of holidays.  As the years go on, as we tumble around in the world, we’re made to tuck all kinds of change and hurt away.  I hope you build some peace for yourself today, however you need to.  Maybe these bits of reading will help.  

Take good care today. Here’s the offering: 

 Ann Friendman’s weekly newsletter brought this timely definitely to our attention this week.  Mother: a female parent, a woman in authority. Also see: tenderness and affection. Take what you need from this.  (Ann Friedman / Webster) 

 This year’s James Beard Awards have improved the landscape of women and minority recognition in the food industry but Where Are All The Black Restaurant Critics? (Grub Street) 

 Very good news!  Life get better after 50: why age tends to work in favor of happiness.  I suppose we can stop worrying about wrinkles and such. (The Guardian)

 Everything you can do with Everything Bagel Seasoning. Let’s make the butter immediately. (Epicurious)

 The Birth of Rice-a-Roni. If you’re looking closely at the photograph above. 

 Honest mama, strong woman, hysterical comedian: It’s Mother-effing Time For Ali Wong. Have you seen her latest special?  (Elle)

 Not too early to daydream about a summer road trip and it might as well be food-driven (ya get it?) A Tale of New Cities.  (Tasting Table)

 I’ve had these bracelets on my mind every summer for the past few years. Maybe this is the year they actually happen.  Embellished Friendship Bracelets from Honestly WTF.   I also think we should make these tassel-y summer shoes!  I always go down a rabbit hole on this beautiful site. It’s just the best.  

 All of the Met Gala outfits. For better or worse. (Buzzed)  If you’re like me and feel like… wait, what is the Met Gala even for?  Well…. here’s the deal.  (New York Times)

 This is one of my favorite meal prep cookbooks.  The longevity of the salads keep me going through the week.  Sprouted Kitchen: Bowl + Spoon. (Amazon)

 I’ll eat up any story about skin care, I will:  Skin Care’s Most Outspoken Founder On Why Sheet Masks Are A Lie. (The Cut)

•  It’s not that I neeeed another bag, I just very much waaaaant another bag:  Waxed Canvas Weekender. (Food52)

 Deb’s Ruffled Milk Pie is all I want to eat for a while. (Smitten Kitchen)

Enjoy this fine day!

xo Joy