Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 177!

Are you ok?

I’ve ordered lunch from the same sandwich dude twice this week and both times ended with me fumbling with my wallet and not entirely understanding what the dude was saying.  Both times he asked me “Are you ok?”, and… first of all – rude, although I hear your concern and it’s a valid question.  Second of all – no, I’m not ok.  Third of all, and a follow-up question- ARE YOU OK?  Because news flash:  we’re all kinda NOT OK even though we have to keep doing things like answer email and eat sandwiches and I dunno… do the dishes, or whatever.  So, you know.. yea, thankfully I’m totally ok, but also – let it be known that  I am very not ok!  Ok!? 

There has been a lot to digest this week. A lot of really troubling realities. A lot of reason to call our representatives and demand, you know, basic human decency from our government.  There aren’t any links specific to the family separation policy that rocked our nation this week because I am deeply sure you’ve read all about it earlier this week.  There are things that I find important combined with things that I find frivolous, and I’m thankful that you’re here to join me in it.  

Related: I’m stress eating candy from Trader Joe’s. 

Unrelated:  A picture of me and my cat, Tron.

Again though: I’m ok. 

 Are we paying attention?  The End of Civil Rights (The Atlantic)

 I’m interested in the emergency cord:  Single at 38? Have That Baby.  (New York Times) 

 I Have Cerebral Palsy, and Anthony Bourdain Pushed Me to See the World. (My Domaine)

 Consider this: Giving Thanks For The Bridges I’ve Burned This Year.  

 Here’s a question that falls under both ‘none of our business’ and ‘interesting and important’:  Do Beyonce Fans Have to Forgive Jay-Z. (The Atlantic)

 I’m working on a recipe for gluten-free fried chicken this weekend and taking some of these tips to heart: Four Secrets To Improve Any Fried Chicken Recipe. (Serious Eats) 

 Important thoughts on Egg Salad.  (Food52) 

 Let’s make Paper Daffodils! (Design Sponge)

 Ok we’ve got one question answered:  Why Are There No Mosquitos At Disney World?  Only a million more questions to go. (YouTube)

 The thing is, I’m just always thirsty for skincare product information: How to Look Perfect in the Summer. (The Cut)

 Very important summer hot dog news:  Spiralized hot dogs is the only way to hot dog.  (Food52)

We’ve got a cocktail and a marshmallow recipe this week. More soon.

xo Joy