Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 180!

Hi sweet friends.

My morning ritual of The Daily Podcast with my phone perched precariously in the one dry spot in my shower has become unsettling in a way that is hard to just have a fine day after.  You know?  Now in the morning I listen to early episodes of My Favorite Murder because somehow it’s much more soothing than the Supreme Court shuffling.  

We’re ok. 

I’m headed to Ojai for a few short days this week where I’ll spend some mellow time with a few lady friends and hopefully a hotel pool.  It is summer after all and why not at least try to get a little bit of a sunburn with my nearest and dearest?

Thank you for being here this Sunday.  Here’s my offering.  Take what you need: 

 If you are a woman born in the early 80’s this article may very well resonate with you so strongly that you’ll want to devour it and turn away from it all at once: “We believed we could remake ourselves any way we liked”: how the 1990s shaped #MeToo. (The Guardian)

 I’m listening to this episode of the podcast Death Sex and Money and I now I have some very pointed questions for all of my male friends: Manhood, Now. (WNYCStudios)

•  Can you tell I’m a middle child? (That’s not a humble brag.) The Extinction of the Middle Child(The Cut)

 Colu Henry made this Herby Pork Larb with Chile and I won’t feel completely settled until I make it too. (NTY Food)

 I’m new to summer grilling and didn’t want to make a huge commitment to a charcoal grill so I bought this little buddy and I’m LOVING IT! I’ve been experimenting with Food52’s Any Night Grilling book and so far I’ve learned to put fresh sprigs of rosemary on the cool side of the coals to create a rosemary smoke to cook chicken thighs. That’s my little nugget of grilling smarts for ya! (Amazon and Food52)

 And another Food52 / grilling note:  Grill Your Baked Goods / Bask In Summer Dessert Glory.  See also:  Grilled Strawberry Shortcake. (Food52 and Joy the Baker)

 What are your favorite groceries? I’ll always splurge on almond milk, kombucha, and chocolate.  This is a delicious and nosey list from The Kitchn: Kitchn 100 – the grocery staples that power our editor’s kitchens.

 Sunday baking adventure?  Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Baked Doughnuts!  (Joy the Baker)

 This falafel made of nuts and seeds is really compelling to me which means the new book Dosa Kitchen will be on my shelves shortly. (Design Sponge and Amazon)

 The truth is, I will always read about skincare: A Beauty Expert on Switching Up Your Skincare Routine. (The Cut)

 Things you didn’t know were a thing until you lay your sweet eyes on them:  Inside The World of Competitive Sign Spinning.  There are tear-away pants involved so… I mean, what more do you need to know? (Vice)

 25 Everyday Heroes We Could All Learn From.  Just think about all the small ways we could do better / do good. (Buzzfeed)

 GOOD NEWS!  I’m holding a very fun weekend retreat Labor Day Weekend here in New Orleans!  It’s called The Bakeaway and it’s a weekend full of baking, food styling, food indulging, photo walks around town, and social media know-how!  There are a few spots left and an awesome deal at the Pontchartrain Hotel.  You should join us!  (TheBakeawayNola)

That’s all for now my dears!  Get in this day and live it up!

My love to you,

xo Joy