Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 182!

Hello friends, 

It’s been one of those weeks I’ve been eyeing on the calendar for a few good months thinking… yeeeeks I better not stack anything else into that week or I’m sure to blow a gasket.  Low and behold, the week was packed to the gills, it came, I worked my ass off, it went, and here I am to tell you about it from the other side.  

The past few days I’ve worked with my dearheart Cara Nicoletti, real life friend, incredible sausage maker, and now, I’m happy to say – my favorite friend to cook with in the kitchen.  We really got into a (truly nonstop) groove this week and we owned our stuff  in a way that Beyonce could write a song about. 

I hope your week has been steady and productive.  I hope your weekend includes a pool and a  bottle of sunscreen.  It still is summer, despite the back to school supplies and Fall decor in the stores these days.  NOT YET, please.  We’re here now, aren’t we? 

Here’s the offering this week.  Take what you need: 

 Nia Wilson. (NYT)

  What a mess we’ve made. The Lost Ones: What will happen to the 463 migrant children whose parents have been deported? (The Atlantic)

 How do we reconcile this?  An Unequal Justice. (The Washington Post)

 This is the long read / true nightmare I’m reading through:  When a Stranger Decides to Destroy Your Life. (Gizmodo)

 Just think – Mr Roger was someone’s actual neighbor.  Here’s a very good story about that: Mr Roger was my actual neighbor. He was everything he was on TV and more. (Vox) 

 Excuse me. Pardon me.  Just on my way to tea with the Queen.  Eighty-year-old Julia Albu drove through Africa, breezing her way through notorious borders and military blockades by saying she was going to London to have tea with the Queen. (BBC)

 I really do love this:  A person can instantly blossom into a savant and no one knows why.  (Scientific American) 

 1988 in pictures. (The Atlantic)

 How to Go Back to a Flip Phone. Interested? (NYTimes)

 I made this watermelon delight from The Kitchn this week:  2-Ingredient Watermelon Sherbet.  I churned it in my ice cream maker but I hear-tell that the no-churn version is lovely. (The Kitchn, Amazon)

 Here’s the treat I’m making myself this weekend.  Peach Cobbler Scones, yes indeed. (Joy the Baker)

 A few tickets left for The BakeAway – a New Orleans baking and photography workshop hosted by meeeee this Labor Day Weekend!  Come through! (The BakeAway)

 Just a simple metallic cat backpack – nothing to see here (except really there is). (Gap)

 Speaking of cats WHOA GUYS our cats are making us fearless with parasites:  Parasites in cat poop could be reducing our fear of failure. (NBC) 

Ending this one on a high note, aren’t we?  

My love to you. Happy Sunday!

xo Joy