Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Monday, 186!

Hello dear friends!

Thank you for your patience yesterday!  I hope you’re coming out of a lovely August weekend (literally HOW is it almost September!?) and I hope you’re feeling steady in this Monday.  Take it slow. Let’s just ease in.  

Maybe this recipe for Red Beans and Rice will help… it is a Monday tradition.  

This past week I taught my first yoga class to a handful of very patient students.  What a privilege to have people come into a space and trust me enough to shape their bodies in ways I suggest.  

The offering this week is as follows.  I hope it inspires you to get in the kitchen, do the chores, and just… be as happy as you can be.  

Take good care: 

Politics aside: John McCain, a Scarred but Happy Warrior. (NYTimes)

 You may find this relevant this Monday:  5 Things To Do When You Feel Overwhelmed By Your Workload – you had me at ‘healthy self-talk!’ (from Ann Friedman’s newsletter and Harvard Business Review) 

 See also:  10 Small Ways To Be Happy.  Not included on this list – petting a dog. It always helps.  (Joy the Baker) 

 Inside The New Era of Hunting Serial Killers.  DNA, y’all. (Rolling Stone) 

 As a child who cleaned bathroom and vacuumed floors and did dishes and set the table I can attest to the fact that Happy Children Do Chores, though very begrudgingly. (New York Times)

 How You Felt About Gym Class May Impact Your Exercise Habits Today.  You know the part gym class where you have to change clothes around your peers while your body is super awkward?  Yea… those were tough times that really only got more tough once we left the locker room. (NYTimes) 

 Let’s talk about Birkenstocks.  (The Cut)

 I heard a blip of a news story on NPR this week that reported that the health benefits of a daily glass of wine are eclipsed by the damage alcohol does to our bodies and I said NOPE, next story.  Well, we also have some bad news about coconut oil.  

 We have a lovely season of cookbooks ahead of us! 10 New Cookbook We Can’t Wait To Get Our Hands On!  (The Kitchn)

 I threw my most successful dinner party yet last Friday night – I didn’t take a single picture which is further proof that it was incredible.  I set an intention for the gathering and relied heavily on the principles in this book: The Art of Gathering.  We got way past small talk. (Amazon) 

 I’m ready to wear a sweater – I’ve been stubbornly doing so all week, so help me god.  I’m also ready for this Healthy Mushroom Alfredo Pasta Bake. (Pinch of Yum)

•  Are these overalls we can work with? Mokoro One Piece (Free People) 

Enjoy this week!  Thank you for spending some quality time here. 

My love to you,

xo Joy