Let It Be Sunday, 187!

Hello sweet friends and happy Sunday!

I hope your weekend feels long on quality time.  

This weekend I’m hosting in New Orleans – it’s the first ever BakeAway – a baking, food styling, new-friend-making workshop I’m hosting at The Bakehouse.  It has been incredible so far!  We’re doing yoga, we’re drinking champagne, we’re experimenting with new beignet recipes, I’m wearing bold prints, we’re exploring New Orleans… it’s absolutely too much fun and I’m already so thankful for the sweet friendships I  see forming around me.  And we have another full BakeAway day ahead of us! 

Anyway… that’s what’s keeping me very busy.  And Monday I’m looking forward to a nap, or at least a good long sit.  

Here’s the offering this week.  I hope you find something you didn’t know you needed: 

 I’m currently listening to President Obama’s eulogy for the late John McCain.  It’s as thoughtful and binding as we’d hope.  (NBC News)

 Let this bend your brain a bit. Why You Feel Richer Or Poorer Than You Really Are.  Money is emotional and part of this conversation is a perspective shift.  (The Cut) 

 Are you watching the new season of Insecure (one of the best shows on television about modern life and female friendship)?  Here’s a think-piece on an aspect of Insecure and much more: What Does It Mean to ‘Sound’ Black? (The Atlantic)

 How To Jog: a guide for women.  I mean… yea, we have a problem.  (McSweeney’s)

 Let’s take a journey Inside The Delightfully Quirky, Absolutely Fabulous, Utterly Exhausting World Of Cruise Performers. (Esquire)

 Take this to a weeknight dinner.  Be curious!  10 Questions To Ask Your Partner At The Dinner Table. (The Kitchn)

 A very simple rule: Don’t think too much about life after dinnertime.  Solid advice. (Austin Kleon via Ann Friedman) 

 I can feel it in the air, we have some temperate weather headed our way soon(-ish).  Come visit!  An Eater’s Guide To New Orleans. (Eater)

 Let’s pause for a moment and drink in the fact that Gillian Anderson (yes, Dana Scully from X Files) is currently unbelievably fierce and has a fashion line with Winsor London. (Harper’s Bazaar) 

 Before it’s too late: Watermelon Salad with Feta and Mint. (Food & Wine)

 Confirmed:  the most comfortable sweatshirt from JoyLab – and I love the brand name obviously. (Target) 

 I’m very excited about the new dessert book from our friends at Food52: Genius Desserts. (Amazon)

You’re dear. Have a lovely day!

Love to you.

xo Joy