Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday, 188!

Hello Sunday friends!

How are you feeling this week?  I hold a general sense of deep exhaustion as the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and the anonymous Op-Ed clink through my news feed and newsy podcasts.  It’s a lot of dissonance.  

I have a dog now – a pound puppy (her name is Maggie and she’s 2+ years old) I share with my friend Nicole… because it takes a village of at least two to take care of a dog. Maggie has me bursting at the seems (she’s really so funny) and taking long walks around the neighborhood – a newish route everyday, a chance to appreciate Bywater vignettes evermore.  

We’ve made our way into September which… I suppose that means we have to buckle down and be serious now and with that in mind I’m working towards some holiday (I know… it’s happening) ideas and Bakehouse workshops.

I hope this finds you feeling steady and rested.  Enjoy this Sunday.  Here’s the offering this week:  

 A lot of reasons why this is a really difficult read:  The Supreme Court Is Headed Back to the 19th Century. (The Atlantic)

 Here’s some heart: Stories of the Segregated South, a folklorist’s promise. (The Washington Post)

 Tell me everything in stories, allegories, metaphors, and hints please. The Best Thing My Psychic Mom Taught Me Is That No One Wants To Hear The Truth. (Buzzfeed)

 Deleting Instagram, Installing Instagram.  A cycle.  Relatable content? (The New Yorker)

 Well… I’m shaken to my very core: Why the world is full of buttons that don’t work.  (CNN)

 Ask me why I’m neurotic about washing my hands at the airport?  Airport security trays carry more viruses than… I think you can imagine where this is going. (The Guardian)

 Have you been to Kerry Diamond’s green coffee shop in Brooklyn? She’s a friend and an inspiration and what’s on her mind is always fresh.  Get em!  (The Kitchn)

 25 new words added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary this year and I just solved one of them for myself:  hangry. (Took me three times to fight that out with auto-correct though.) (Mental Floss)

 Casual note that Everlane is making the best shoes. (Everlane) 

 We always have reason for a sequin here in New Orleans: ASOS Sequin Kimono Jacket. (ASOS)

 I’m in the mood for bread baking. You? 10 Necessary Tips For Baking Simple Bread at Home. (Bon Appetit) 

 I’m here for it:  New-Fashioned Chocolate Chip Cookies with All Tahini and No Butter. (Food52)

 A dinner offering:  Baked Eggplant Parmesan with Creamy Polenta. (Joy the Baker)

Have a lovely day, ok?

My love to you.

xo Joy