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jtb in new orleans In early March 2014 I moved from a little bungalow in Venice, California to the heart of The French Quarter, New Orleans. I adore New Orleans.  The people are proud and welcoming.  The food is rich and distinct.  The buildings have history.  The graves are above ground.  You can feel this city the second you step into it!

I am too new to New Orleans to call myself an expert, but as I explore the city and find things that I love, I’ll add links and thoughts here.  It is my great hope that you come visit New Orleans and find as much love, beignets and crawfish as I did and do. This page will be updated as I get acquainted with the city.  For other glimpses inside New Orleans follow me on Instagram: #jtbnola

mardi gras

in New Orleans

Where to Eat:

 /  Jacque Imo’s  /  Dooky Chase  /  St. James Cheese Company  /  Big Fisherman Seafood (for crawfish you can take home)    /  Boucherie  /  Guy’s Po-Boys  /  Cochon Butcher (and every other thing Chef Donald Link touches)  /  Slyvain (make a reservation and get the cheeseburger!) / Dat Dog (chili dog whaaat!?) / Peche (best new restaurant of the year!)  /  SoBou  /  La Petit Grocery (romantic and lovely)    /  Domenica  (the cauliflower and the pizza forever and ever) /  The Joint  /  Company Burger  / Atchafalaya (brunch it up!)

in New Orleans

Get At That Sweet Tooth:

/  Cafe du Monde (totally classic beignets)  /  District Donuts (totally over the top and so good!)  /  Gracious Bakery  /  Maple Street Patisserie  /  Creole Creamery /  Satsuma Cafe  /  ManhattahJack (the cookies!  the brownies!  EVERYTHING!)  /  

in New Orleans

My Favorite Cocktails:

/  Maple Leaf Bar (for music and a whiskey)  /   Bar Tonique (amazing weekday afternoon happy hour!)  /  Cure  /  Pimm’s Cup at The Napoleon House  /  A Daiquiris, any kind any time any where.  The open-air French Market offers fresh fruit daiquiris.. just saying’.  /  Keife & Co. (for bottles of wine, spirits, and gourmet foods)  /  Bacchanal Wine (amazing outdoor wine and bites in the Bywater)

in New Orleans

Where to Shop:

/  Swap (really great, name brand, used retail clothes)  /  UAL (brand new, super discounted high-end fashions)  Exodus Goods (Brooklyn art meets New Orleans funk)  /

in New Orleans

Favorite Spots for Sitting and Seeing: 

City Park /  New Orleans Athletic Club  / Royal Street for music in the streets and art galleries  / Bike ride through the Garden District  / Cubs the Poet  /  St Louis Cathedral /  Yoga at the Cabildo  / Crescent Park

My Current New Orleans Reads:

Unfathomable City  /  Nine Lives: Mystery, Magic, Death, and Life In New Orleans


Even if you can’t make it to New Orleans, you should, at the very least,  make your own beignets!  Try the best Buttermilk Beignet recipe!

For some of my older posts about visiting New Orleans, see:  Hello, New Orleans!  and Hello Again, New Orleans!


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  • My husband took me to New Orleans for the first time two years ago and I loved it! The energy, food, music, the people…wonderful. One of the best meals I had there was at Oceana Grill. I still salivate when I think about it lol. I’m looking forward to going again and trying out many more of the wonderful places and dishes New Orleans has to offer.

  • Have you ever considered giving tours through something like

  • Jacque Imo’s and Dooky Chase are both my top suggestions. I was so happy to see them on the list. In my short few years in New Orleans, those were our spots (were now back in So Cal) Willie Mae’s Scotch House is also very good. Cowbell has great burgers. Best Dive Bar in the world is called Snake n Jakes and it’s Uptown. You’re not a real local till you’ve been here. Secret Sushi spot is called Hana.. and they have this crazy thing called the Hana roll. We still talk about it and it’s one of our first spots every time we return. Are you grocery shopping at Langensteins yet? They have the Best better cheddar spread in town. Oh and Elizabeth’s Praline Bacon will knock your socks off. Sorry for the novel. I miss NOLA. It’s only been a few months.

  • What an adventure! Would love to visit one day! Maybe you can throw yourself a welcome parade:

  • LOVE this! So many suggestions from such a short time – you are doin’ it, girl!

    I was there once, on business, and was quite charmed. Oh if only one could do something about the heat and humidity!

    We (meaning I) need to see more of your intriguing {haunted} apartment and – selfishly, nosey-ly – need to know how you made the decision to move (opportunities? friend? stone sold bad-ass just-do-it-ness?).

    Love you, Joy – thanks!

  • SO happy you moved to our city. I’ve been enjoying reading about you and your cat’s adventures. I’m so glad he came home.

    You’ve hit up an impressive number of my favorite places in your short stint! Here are a few more of my favs:

    12 mile limit
    Lost Love Lounge
    French 75 Bar
    Cake Cafe
    Ba Chi
    Pho Tao Bay
    Lilly’s Cafe
    Banana Blossom Thai
    Dante’s Kitchen
    Company Burger
    Rocky & Carlos
    Zimmer’s Seafood
    Seither’s Seafood
    Mais Arepas
    McHardy’s Fried Chicken

  • one of my favorite places on Earth and I only spent one week there back in 04. Planning to celebrate my 30th birthday there in september and CANT WAIT. I’m bookmarking this so I can use your suggestions when I make my plans :)

  • NOLA reader here: Joy, put this on your to-do list stat – Pagoda Cafe in mid-city. Delicious French Truck coffee (roasted in small batches here in NOLA) and fabulous breakfasts all outside in a neighborhood off of Broad Street.

  • Great timing – I’m going to New Orleans for the first time tomorrow! Thanks so much for all the recommendations – I can’t wait to EAT!

  • Go to Angelo Brocato for ice cream!! It’s sooo good!

  • Denise in Austin May 8, 2014 at 7:12 am

    Swamp Songs: The Making of an Unruly Woman – is a great book about the families of New Orleans and how they live and love.

  • The food in Nola is sooo good. We have a house on the coast in Pass Christian. You will love discovering all the new foods.

  • Oh, I am so excited to come there this October! Keep the reviews coming!

  • Please go to Camellia Grill and have the chocolate pecan pie, heated on the grill with butter. No need for ice cream. And if you find it as soul-satisfying as I used to, take a picture of it for me. I miss NOLA!

  • Congrats! I love your blog! Congrats I hope ypu enjoy your move. Your new house is beautiful!

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