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Shrimp Tempura Sushi Burritos

Sushi Burritos:  an exercise in making my own dreams come true.  Also within the category of being my own dream maker:  making short ribs (really any ribs at all), making angel food cake (it as fluffy as dreams), and jelly-filled…

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Smoky Black Bean Soup

Having moved into my new house a week ago today, this soup is the first edible thing besides Red’s Chinese to hit my kitchen counter.   Truth is, most of my kitchen is still packed up in boxes and stacked…

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Holiday Recipes Savory

Friday Fish Fry

Growing up in a Catholic family meant that the beginning of Spring was all about Lent.  At some point everyone would have ashes on their foreheads, there was a portion that included palm fronds, and then there were Friday afternoons…

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Lunch Recipes Savory

Crab Cake Dinner

I have a certain supermarket stroll.  The sort that, no matter the crowd, no matter the shopping cart obstacles, I can make my way through the grocery store maintaining a moderate amount of zen.  I bag up mushrooms, reach for…

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