Confetti and Cupcakes

Easter and the Cupcake Bake Off

Did you have a great weekend?  Have you woken up with a lingering Easter candy tummy ache?  Do you still have confetti everywhere from the Cascarones?  Yea?  Me too.  I think I might have an Easter sugar hangover… I’m not proud.    Here’s a look at what Easter looks like when you combine a cupcake contest with a steady stream of champagne, a dog named Bunny and a confetti filled egg massacre.

Easter and the Cupcake Bake Off

Easter and the Cupcake Bake Off

Combine cupcakes and competition.  Call it a Bake Off.  What could be better!?

Easter and the Cupcake Bake Off

These are Whitney’s Derby Pie inspired cupcakes, with pie crust and  amazingly rich buttercream frosting.  So sweet.  So good!  The winner of the contest was Susie, with her Blueberry Cupcakes with mint, lemon and Brown Sugar Buttercream.


Meet Bunny the dog.  She’s begging.  Wouldn’t you if you were a dog at a cupcake party!?  Behind Bunny, Dean and possibly the cutest yellow shoes ever.

Easter and the Cupcake Bake Off

Easter and the Cupcake Bake Off

And then there’s Cascarones.  Cascarones are hollowed out, beautifully dyed eggs that are filled with confetti.  They’re like the most beautiful Easter weapon ever.  You find these eggs just like any old Easter egg hunt, but when you find then, you smash them on your friends.  Dean and Whitney seem rather polite about the whole situation.


Molly is more of a smash and run girl, leaving a trail of confetti in her wake.

Easter and the Cupcake Bake Off

Hunter tries to release confetti from her hair.  Jun has just about the best smile ever, and Molly  is unstoppable.

Easter and the Cupcake Bake Off

Bunny wants to play too.

Easter and the Cupcake Bake Off

Friends and confetti?  Throw in Bunny and cupcakes?  That’s a good day.  Fact.

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30 thoughts on “Confetti and Cupcakes

  1. well, if anyone had any doubts about how awesome you and your friends are, they don’t any more :) cupcakes and confetti, that’s a good way to celebrate!

  2. I’m all about the yellow flats with the green and yellow dress (skirt?)! Cupcakes, puppies, confetti and fabulous shoes? Happy Easter indeed.

  3. I am Soooooooo jealous! It looks like you had a fantastic Easter.

    I will be looking for confetti eggs for next year. They look so festive :-)


    PS: I just made the cinnamon pull-aparts and they were amazing!

  4. :-D Though Cascarones Cascarones were totally unknown for me it sounds really cool:-) In Poland, or rather in my family we have few Easter traditions. First, on Easter Sunday Bunnies are bringing small gifts, which should be hidden all over the house or better if you have one , in the garden. Mailnly those are chocolates, small toys etc and the whole idea is simillar to English/American egg hunt. Then in Sunday morning when we celebrate Easter Breakfest tehre is a contest in egg crushing. Each person takes an hard boiled egg and crashes it into egg of her his neigboughr, sitting on the next chair. Person, whos egg occures to be the strongest (or crush resistant;-) wins a specially baked small babka (similiar to English pund cake).
    The third and I think most well known traidtion comes in Easter Monady, which is called in Poland Wet Monday or Smigus – Dyngus (no one has idea, why it’s called like that, as it means totally nothing;-). Tahn, starting form the earliest morning to splash water on your family, friends or whoever You meet and who – in your oppinion at least – would mind being wet. Luckily today we have a beautiful sunny weather, so it was ratehr fun to pour water on eachother. :-)

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