Food and Wine

Food and Wine

Have you seen the newest Food & Wine magazine?

It’s a good one, made even better if you have a Sharpie marker and a couple of giggly girlfriends around.

It’s all about the best new chefs of 2009.  It’s about dudes (plus one ladydude) that are young, hip and magic in the kitchen… like Vinny Dotolo (bottom left with glasses) and Jon Shook (bottom middle with a heart drawn on his shirt) of a restaurant called Animal in Los Angeles.

Animal is the kind of place that turns lamb tongue into something I might actually consider eating… and enjoying.  They also work wonders with chicken liver and rabbit loin.  On the real.

My only concern is… well… only one awesome lady chef this year Food & Wine?  Really?

I suggest you get this months issue.  Also get a marker… maybe a glass of wine too.  It’s Friday, do it up right.

29 thoughts on “Food and Wine

  1. Oh, they’re cute! But only one female chef? Now that just makes me grumpy. It reminds me of looking at the parenting/childbirth shelves at the book store and seeing only books written men. Grr. Joy, know any female chefs we should look up and admire?

  2. I think that our gal is Naomi Pomery. Go PDX. She is one tough bitch!! I’m glad to hear she’s getting the national recognition she deserves.

  3. Ah, we used to do this in college with the Abercrombie and Fitch catalog. Before my roommate and I realized that we weren’t exactly, um, the target audience.

    I’d love to try Animal — it’s right near where I live. Also Golden State. Actuallyt, I have a list.

  4. Hahahahhah! Love it. Food & Wine is a great magazine. That cover is perfect, except it DOES need more women chefs on it. Good looking men that can (and want to) cook – my favorite! I spend so much time in kitchen, it’s mandatory =)

  5. Those hearts are too funny! I got mine in the mail earlier this week. It seems that there’s always just one token woman in the bunch…they need to try harder! I’m hoping to try Nate Appleman’s restaurant this summer though…looks so yummy.

    1. Amanda- I think you’ll have to get in line along with most every living and breathing girl in Los Angeles. Blerg.

      Katrina- Me? No…. seriously. I’m not even close to getting on this list. Seriously.

  6. I look forward to that issue each year and this year I was kind of, well, underwhelmed. I don’t think any of the chef’s recipes were all that inspiring. Maybe it’s because I’m veg and they all seemed super meat heavy or a few vegetables and a sauce. Love your artwork though!

  7. Hi Joy, I love your site and baking vicariously through you! Anyway, I was just wondering does your 100 mm macro lens work well for normal range non-macro shots? Or did you take the photo above with another lens? Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Grapeful- I took the photo above with my camera phone, believe it or not. The 100mm macro is not very good for everyday shooting. It’s waaaay too up close and personal to get normal shots. I use a 50mm for everyday shooting, when I’m not using my silly camera phone.

  8. Love your doodles and also I agree–how can there only be ONE domestic goddess on that list–of course they made an error!! thanks for the chuckle with the sharpie!! happy friday!

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