On Fabric Shopping and Apron Making

fabric and such

I had exactly too much fun this past weekend, so much fun that I seem to have left my camera in a different city.  At least I know what city it’s in…. it just doesn’t happen to be the city that I’m in, making blogging about muffins and such difficult.


Time for a distraction!

Hey… look over here!  It’s fabric!  Why?  What’s this all about?

Mom and I had a little downtown Los Angeles fabric shopping adventure last weekend.  We braved walls and walls, stores after store of fabric… for you.  It’s blinding friends, absolutely blinding.  The only thing that cures fabric blindness…

…is a street side hot dog from this lady.  No, it doesn’t have to be pretty to be delicious.

fabric and such

fabric and such

Why do Mom and I need so much fabric?  We’re making aprons.  For you!  Mom is doing most all of the sewing.  I handle most of the standing around and supporting.  We’re going to throw together an Etsy type situation and get you all fitted up right for your kitchen adventures with a pretty hand-made apron from Joy the Baker.  Rad?  Rad.

Stay tuned for more apron news.

fabric and such

And that picnic?  You better believe that’s still in the works!  More on that later!

59 thoughts on “On Fabric Shopping and Apron Making

  1. Super idea!! I still use the one I made in home ec in high school. I just made some for my daughters even though they are hardly old enough to help me in the kitchen. Im hoping it will inspire them! Cant wait to see the finished product!

  2. I’m super excited to see the finished product! If it’s anything like your baking, they will be spectacular! Tell me where the line forms because I want to be waiting at the front for one of these!!! Like the others I too have been looking for one that is uber cute but doesn’t break the bank at the same time. Anxiously waiting……..

  3. Ooh, now you’re talking! My favorite aprons are still the ones my great grandma made – with the pockets in the front and the big bright tulips all over it. But I could always use a new one, keep me posted!

  4. That’s awesome!!! I’m so in love with the retro inspired aprons I saw on a website, it’s totally cute, with dots and frills…. it’s a total housewife kind of thing!!!

  5. I have been trying to find an apron I like for MONTHS! It’s impossible.
    I think this is a fabulous idea!!! Like Rosy I hope the postal service works well! I’m in Ireland :) And how great is your Mom?! xx

  6. Sounds like a great new adventure and a great project for you to share with a special person–so jealous-I lost my own mom about two years ago and think thats a fantastic gift you can give eachother!! Not to mention us, your loyal fans–can’t wait to see those aprons!!! Good luck with this and enjoy your “mom and me” time!!!!

  7. Hey, make sure you put the patterns online, too!
    I just love this site, and all the amazing goodies that I get to bake and eat from it!

  8. Oh my goodness, that’s the cutest idea! I made a super kitch frilly apron for a fancy dress party at University and now it’s my absolute favorite apronto bake in. Makes me feel quite the domestic goddess! I look forward to hearing more about the aprons and hope they can be posted to London!! R x

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