Beyond the Kitchen

On Fabric Shopping and Apron Making

fabric and such

I had exactly too much fun this past weekend, so much fun that I seem to have left my camera in a different city.  At least I know what city it’s in…. it just doesn’t happen to be the city that I’m in, making blogging about muffins and such difficult.


Time for a distraction!

Hey… look over here!  It’s fabric!  Why?  What’s this all about?

Mom and I had a little downtown Los Angeles fabric shopping adventure last weekend.  We braved walls and walls, stores after store of fabric… for you.  It’s blinding friends, absolutely blinding.  The only thing that cures fabric blindness…

…is a street side hot dog from this lady.  No, it doesn’t have to be pretty to be delicious.

fabric and such

fabric and such

Why do Mom and I need so much fabric?  We’re making aprons.  For you!  Mom is doing most all of the sewing.  I handle most of the standing around and supporting.  We’re going to throw together an Etsy type situation and get you all fitted up right for your kitchen adventures with a pretty hand-made apron from Joy the Baker.  Rad?  Rad.

Stay tuned for more apron news.

fabric and such

And that picnic?  You better believe that’s still in the works!  More on that later!