Pretty. Pretty Things.

Pretty Things

You and me?  We always talk about yummy things.  Today we need to talk about pretty things.

These beautiful porcelain creations are the work of Alyssa Ettinger.  Alyssa makes pretty things with her hands… let me explain.

Alyssa makes these beautiful porcelain Ball jar and the small little sweater inspired votive holders using a process called “slip-casting”.  It’s all about casting found objects in ceramic and then casting them in liquid porcelain.  Liquid porcelain people…. don’t let me get my hands on liquid porcelain…. I’d porcelainize every cupcake I could get my hand on.  I’m not kidding. 

Alyssa has found old bottles at antique stores and NYC dumps, and created something pretty, delicate, and new.  My favorite are these sweater vases…. absolutely gorgeous.

I love that beauty can inspire artists to make new out of old.
I love when pretty things glow.
I love that something as simple as a Ball jar can be transformed by the hands of an artist into something special.

also… I love bourbon… which has nothing to do with anything at all.

I’ve got a lot of weddings to go to this summer.  Every couple is getting a sweater vase…. yea… they’re pretty lucky.  

Check out Alyssa’s work. Care and beauty ooze from the art she creates.  She makes pieces to be cherished… and that’s saying a lot these days.   

Pretty Things

27 thoughts on “Pretty. Pretty Things.

  1. Thanks for introducing my to this cool craft! I’ve never seen anything quite like this before, and it’s beautiful. Too bad it’s too late for mothers day!!

  2. Beautiful work! I especially love the vases. I have collected hand made pottery for many years and will definitely consider Alyssa’s pieces for future gifts i might need. Thanks, Joy, for sharing this fine artist with us!

  3. Who da thunk! I never heard of it before, and how BEA-U-Ti-Ful!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Now, I wonder what a cupcake would look like in liquid porcelain! Maybe the frosting could be the lid to a secret compartment! Ohlala…

    Btw, what kind of bourbon? I’d like to try it sometime. ;)

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