Wedding Cake: Extracts and Clay

Wedding Cake:  the beginning

Meet Zach and Nicole.  Clay versions of Zach and Nicole… molded and shaped by the bride.

This cake topper is sitting on the counter staring at me.  I’m going to try super extra crazy hard not to break these little people before it’s wedding time.

Wedding Cake:  the beginning

Wedding cake making means wedding cake ingredient shopping.

Extracts.  Powders.  Eggs.  Butters.  Boards and boxes.  I’ve got the goods.

Wedding Cake:  the beginning

Tomorrow?  Bake day.

50 thoughts on “Wedding Cake: Extracts and Clay

  1. Hey, you shared a baker’s ‘secret’ with us. Mmmmmm…..buttery sweet dough bakery emulsion. I’m gonna get me some of that.

  2. Cool! Loving the details. Those extracts mean that you’ve been to surfas and I’m very jealous, its a hellish drive for me to go there!

  3. Can’t wait to see this cake! Can’t wait to read your adventures baking it! Also, I’m deeply intrigued by the Bakery Emulsion…


  4. My Mom suggested that I sell wedding cakes as a business, but I said no! Brides are just way too picky about that stuff and I would get super stressed out, especially transporting it!

  5. I love that vanilla. It’s pretty much the best. And I just googled that Bakery Emulsion stuff and it said that it gives baked goods an irresistible flavor?! Count me in on some of that. It sounds like cake potion to me.

    P.S. Try really hard not to hug that wedding topper…

  6. just made a multi layered & tiered cake for my husband’s big….

    cannot wait to learn of the wedding cake layer choices & of course how you frost & decorate…i am planning on learning a “thing or 2!!”

  7. I’m excited to see how your wedding cake project goes! I just got married last Saturday, and actually made my own cake (though friends, family, coworkers and strangers on the street all said I was crazy to do it). So yeah, in the past couple of weeks I’ve gone through this same process you’re documenting here. I can say, though, that the cake was a HUGE hit – all three flavors – and worth every ounce of sweat and anxiety involved in its creation. :-)

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