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February 2011

Beyond the Kitchen

Blue Print Cleanse

Friends.  Hi. You might know that I just finished working on my first cookbook.  It’s a baking book…. duh.  I spent months knee deep in butter and sugar and flour and cream.  It was delicious.  It was overwhelming.  It made…

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Beyond the Kitchen

Meet Joy

Have you taken a look at the Meet Joy section of the site? You can, it’s been spiffed up… but don’t feel obligated.  It’s just more about me and why I’m so ridiculous…. and why I have such a sweet…

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How to Roast Garlic

If feeling: lonely, bored, restless, hungry, smell deprived, sleep deprived, cold, greedy, kooky, crazy, cabin fevery, sun deprived, snow deprived, sullen, extraordinary, sluggish or spicy… Might I suggest turning up the oven and roasting a bulb of garlic?

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