Lemon Meringue Pie Milkshakes


I have a super power.  I can look at a sad, understocked, and  unloved fridge… and find a dessert in it.  You have the bottom scrapings of the peanut butter jar, a bit of powdered sugar, and some random chocolate chips?  Dessert.  You have honey and walnuts?  I think there’s something we can do there.  You have marshmallows?  Um… that’s totally dessert.  You’d be surprised of the wonders you can work with strawberry jam.  Bacon can be salty dessert.  Bake it with brown sugar, you big dummy.  Granola?  Put that on anything and drizzle it with honey.  Barbecue sauce!?  Wait… only if you’re desperate.  Capers?  No… those aren’t ever dessert.  Maybe I’ve gone too far.


Here’s a dessert that came from my (slightly) understocked fridge.  Ok.. truth be told, I had lemon sorbet in my freezer.  Maybe that doesn’t exactly count as understocked… but maybe I’ve just spoiled myself.  I mixed tart lemon flavors with creamy milk and crunchy graham crackers.  The result is a no muss, no fuss, anytime dessert-y good time.

This is another one of those loose recipe situations.  Life doesn’t always require lists.  Let’s just go with it.

Grab a blender and a pint of tart lemon sorbet.  Blend sorbet with about 2/3 cup of milk.  I used a few splashes over 2/3 cup.  Once milkshake is blended smooth and thick, add a hearty handful of crumbled graham crackers.  Stir with a spoon.  Spoon the milkshake into 4 small glasses.  Top with whipped cream and more graham cracker crumbled.  Eat with a spoon and big ol straw.  Enjoy immediately.  Recipe makes about 2 1/2 cups of milkshake.

It’s creamy, bright , crunchy, DELICIOUS!

110 thoughts on “Lemon Meringue Pie Milkshakes

  1. I am the queen of inventing desserts, too. It’s really all I make anymore that gets mentioned on my blog b/c it’s just so much more exciting to blog about white chocolate chips than white potatoes.

    If I have a can of sweetened condensed milk, marshmallows, choc chips…oh, the possibilities are just…endless for me!

    I love that you doctored up lemon sorbet.

    And that 1st image..spectacular shot!

  2. I love lemon, always so refreshing. Sounds delish. I’d love to see a new cupcake recipe on your blog. I made your chocolate buttercream this past weekend. It was to die for.

  3. Yum! This sounds so good and really simple. I’m going to make myself a milkshake now! I love marshmallows, especially heated in the microwave with peanut butter and chocolate.

  4. first the lemon meringue cookies, and now this??? I am so pleased that my favorite dessert is so versatile. Totally picking up some lemon sorbet to make this with, even if it means I’ll be eating ramen the rest of the week (curse you, college budget and my desires to make wonderful things!)

  5. That is probably the best super power to have. I’m texting my boyfriend right now to pick up some lemon sorbet. I’m not really sure how long I can wait before I try this!

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