Simple Asparagus Lunch



We are lucky enough to live in a world with both bright Spring asparagus and perfect eggs.  I approach both with extreme reverence… and then I smash them together on a plate and call it lunch.  Praise the Lord.

It’s time for another Simple Lunch!  I’m usually smashing lunch together on a baguette, as evidenced by this avocado, and these edamames.


This Simple Lunch is slightly more refined.

It was inspired by, and consumed while reading Very Fond of Food.  This book is tender and earnest in equal measure and I love it, I love it, I love it!


It feels like this Spring is full of new air, big love, bright green vegetables… and this orange monster (always…).

Let’s keep the recipe for this Simple Lunch as easy as possible.

–  Make a hard boiled egg.  I lower an egg into a pot of room temperature water.  Water covers the egg.  Over medium heat, bring the water to a low boil.  Cover.   Remove from heat.  Wait 12 minutes.  Remove egg.  Rinse in cold water and peel.

–  Bring a medium saute pan of water to a low boil.  Salt water.  Add asparagus and allow to boil for about 3 minutes.  Use tongs to remove the vegetable.  Arrange on a plate.  Top with sliced egg.  Sprinkle with extras.

–  I love extras!  This dish is graced with grey sea salt, coarse black pepper, blood orange olive oil, and… a cute napkin.  It is everything ever.

The Simple Lunch.  Inspired.

66 thoughts on “Simple Asparagus Lunch

  1. I just bought chalkboard paint to do the same thing to an unfinished table I have! I thought it would be great for blog photos and also for hosting friends…labeling different cheeses or fruits and wines.

  2. What a sweet book, isn’t it?! I have it by my bed and really love her tone and the feel of the whole thing. Loving the way this lunch looks, too. Happy weekend, J.

  3. Mmmm egg and asparagus is such a good combo. I must say though, my favourite way to eat it will always be the asparagus grilled with sea salt, pepper and olive oil, and then use them to dip into a soft boiled egg like soldiers. Heaven!

  4. Thanks for the book review and I just love love love your book, Joy. Seriously I have opened it up, almost daily, since I met you in O.C. at Todd & Dianne’s and have loved all the recipes and your adorable stories :)

  5. I seem to remember Julia Roberts having a carpet picnic with nothing but asparagus, a hard-cooked egg, some olives, and a copy of the paper in the movie version of Eat Pray Love…part of the whole “dolce far niente/sweetness of doing nothing” thing.

  6. Absolutely perfect. I know it’s not as simple, but when it comes to asparagus and egg combos, I’m not sure your asparagus quiche can be beat. I could happily live the rest of my days off of that heavenly creation. Oh yes.

  7. The egg and veggie combo is one of my faves. Sometimes, I sub brussels sprouts in for asparagus or fry the egg instead.

    Also, I’m a little obsessed with Jules. I want him to be friends with my cat, Harry.

    Finally, this staging = ADORABLE. Holy cow.

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