Dark Chocolate Dipped Sugar Cones


Five Reasons Why Mondays Are Hard:

One.  Seriously with all the email?  Seriously?

Two.  My waffle-to-nap ratio on Sunday was waaay out of whack.  Too many waffles.  Not nearly enough naps.  Carbo loading without the marathon is downright exhausting.

Three.  I already know that this super ambitions green juice cleanse is going to be a disaster.  Coffee tastes better.

Four.  There’s sand in my shoes.  On Sunday this was charming.  On Monday this is gross.

Five.  Seriously with all the email?  Seriously?


Mondays are the reason that there’s ice cream, chocolate, and salty pistachios.  Ice cream cone dinner.  Heck… if we can have nachos for breakfast, we can have cones for dinner.  Yes… I realize I’m a maniac.  I really do.


 Sometimes the simplest things are the most satisfying.  These are store-bought sugar cones.  I chopped up some salted pistachios, and busted out the cocoa nibs, and blue jimmies.


Oooh melty chocolate.  The things I can do with you are endless.

That gloss gets me every time.


Chocolate dipped and simply sprinkled.


 Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  Homemade Drumsticks!  Yes!

See, these cones could be the beginning of something wonderful (Homemade Drumstick cones), or the beginning and end of something perfect (fancy dipped ice cream cones).  Choose your adventure.  If your instincts lead you to Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, you’re a friend of mine.

Dark Chocolate Dipped Sugar Cones

makes 12 cones

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12 sugar cones

1 1/2  to 2 cups dark chocolate chunks

pistachios, coarsely chopped


cocoa nibs

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.  This is the tray we’re going to place the dipped cones on and the parchment paper will ensure that the chocolate cones don’t stick to the tray.

In three separate small bowls, place chopped pistachios,  sprinkles, and cocoa nibs.  Set aside.

Place chocolate chunks in a heat-proof bowl.  Place a medium saucepan over medium heat.  Bring 1 inch of water to a boil.  Place bowl of chocolate over the simmering water, making sure that the bottom of the bowl does not touch the simmering water.  Gently stir chocolate until it’s melted and smooth.  Quickly transfer chocolate to a small bowl.

Holding the tip of each cone, dip it about 2 inches into the melted chocolate.  Raise and allow excess chocolate to drip off.  Place, tip side up, on the prepared sheet.  Allow chocolate to settle for about 30 seconds before sprinkling with nuts, sprinkles, or cocoa nibs.  Drip and dress each cone.

Place dipped cones (still on the sheet pan) in freezer to harden for about 30 minutes.

These cones are extra delicious if the insides are coated in chocolate.  Once the outside chocolate dip has frozen, drizzle a bit of chocolate inside the cone and swirl it around the coat the inside.  Allow cones to rest on their sides and freeze once again to harden the insides.

Place frozen cones in a zip lock bag and store in the freezer until ready to top with ice cream and serve.  Cones will last for up to 1 month in the freezer.  


94 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate Dipped Sugar Cones

  1. Ha! They’ll last a month in the freezer? Who are you kidding?? I don’t see them lasting a week, much less a whole month! :)

    I’m lactose intolerant, so ice cream is out of the question for me, even with all the fancy aids that are in the market now, so let me tell you what my dear dear hubby does for me….when we are out & about, and he absolutely HAS to have his ice cream fix, and they don’t sell frozen yogurt, he’ll buy me a chocolate dipped waffle cone, or bowl, or whatever they have available, have them put it in a bowl for me, and loads it up with all kinds of yummy toppings. No ice cream, just toppings. What a treat that is, and what a dear he is for doing that for me!!

    Your cones remind me of his love!

  2. I’m drinking coffee and loving the pictures of chocolate. Chocolate and coffee definitely go together – just like waffles and naps. Love it, Joy, as always!

  3. oh, mint chocolate ice cream all the way! My brother just came back from Edinburgh for a holiday and bought me mint chocolate M&Ms, Mint chocolate Kit Kats and the works. Awesome :-)

  4. green juice cleanse are always set up for disaster…but for some reasons if I start them then for some unknown reason I also manage to finish them.
    The beginning is hard but then I’ll find the strength along the way.
    However, coffee is always a better option!

  5. Yes! The instance I saw this, I thought “homemade drumsticks!” That is my kind of thinking, girl. :) I bet coffee ice cream would be dreamy… with cinnamon glazed pecan pieces.

  6. Store bought sugar cones are SO GOOD! Fancying them up with chocolate and pistachios is pure genius. Adding mint chocolate chip to make a custom drumstick? Yes please. Thanks for another great idea, Joy!

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