Rainy Day Reads and other things

rainy day reads

We’ve had some rainy days lately, and really… I’m always looking for an excuse to spend some quality time on the Internet.  I love that you come here looking for cookies, but please allow me to share a bit of my Internet browsings with you.

I’m a sucker for a pretty Tumblr.  That’s Real Cute, HoneyPie is everything I need. Long distance BFFs with awesome taste and good hair.

Miss Moss brings us pretty things from South Africa.  Taleggio and Mushroom Pie looks so good it makes me mad (good mad).

I love these What’s For Sipper features on the blog Brunellos Have More Fun.

Sometimes a cake is more than a cake.  Sometimes a cake is a angel that speaks to your heart.  I don’t think I can live without Tina’s Crackle Cake from The Kitchy Kitchen for one more minute.

Did you know that the internet says that you can get away with giving someone a rock for Valentine’s Day.  Clearly we’re coming to the end of the Internet.  A rock, people.  A rock.  It’s OVER.

There are exactly 1.76 million super awesome food blogs in the world.  What are you doing here!?  Have you read Top With Cinnamon?  It’s a super pretty blog and they life-hacked the heck out of these Thin Mint Cookies (no-bake aaaannndd vegan?  yea… tricky).  Read the ingredient list and you’ll either roll your eyes or play the Rocky theme song and fist pump.  You could go either way.

I’m not, what some might call: a voracious reader.  I am a voracious eater of popcorn.  I am a voracious watcher of poor-choices-television.  I am a voracious waster of time.  Calling myself a voracious reader makes me sound waaay more intellectual than I actually am, and really… I’m not fooling anyone.  Aaaaannnyway.  This month I’m reading An Altar in the World.  I didn’t know I didn’t know about this book.  It’s all about finding the beautiful and sacred in the small things.  It’s been a good book for my sometimes impatient, overreacting, judge-y heart.  (real!)

There’s more…

rainy day

Other possible rainy day activities include:  getting at a big ol’ piece of Chocolate Cream Pie, and not sharing (or sharing…. fiiiiine).

rainy day

Let’s take a moment to talk about something really (un)important:  the new hit MTV show Catfish.

You don’t have to pretend like you’re not 100% obsessed with this show.  It’s all about people meeting their online loves in real life.  It’s an apocalyptic love story  hosted by a handsome/petit-shouldered dude named Nev.  What more could you want?

Whitney and I ran into Nev at a Los Angeles restaurant last week, and we took a self-pic to prove it.  Please not:  this picture actually only proves that we’re shameless dorks.

rainy day

Rainy days are good for recipe testing… especially when the end result is a crap-ton of Pepperoni Pizza Pretzels.  I’m working on this particular recipe for the new cookbook.  No biggie/total biggie.

rainy day

I’ve also been playing around with a new camera.  It’s a Canon eos M.  I’ll tell you more about it when I know more.  We’re getting along just swimmingly so far.

I’m in New Orleans for the next few weeks.  Stay tuned for Mardi Gras madness and beignets… oooh beignets.

xo joy

85 thoughts on “Rainy Day Reads and other things

  1. Where New Orleans? Kelley is dancing in 6, maybe 7 parades. She’ll be the one walking with a Joy the Baker cookbook on her head. Seriously! I’m not kidding. Well, maybe a little. But, really, where New Orleans. Cafe du monde, ooohhh……

  2. JTB – you were in my local Kroger coupon book! They featured your beet cake, which I had actually made around a year ago after seeing the recipe on your blog (loved it, by the way!). I felt so ahead of the curve! My sister gave me your cookbook for my birthday and I’m super excited.

    1. I just came here to say the same thing! I’m flipping through, tearing out coupons, and then WHAM, there’s Joy. And beet cake! This is great.

  3. Fab-thanks for the links! always like to know what the cool people are reading on the internet!! Want sweet things NOW- so I better go for a run instead…then have the sweet things later!

  4. OH Joy it is simply beautiful and wonderfully fulfilling to wake up and to your blog to a post that brightens my day In Ohio where it gray, snowy and downright depressing winter day.. Thanks for all the great places you have shared with us today. Your the fairy godmother of the internet. With the touch of the keys we are there. Just love the internet. Paulette

  5. Oh the new camera. Wow…how fun!

    And that you’re in NOLA for a few weeks, and for Mardi Gras. Please share any sheninigans type stories!

    I saw those Thin Mints the other day. I love making homemade Thin Mints.

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