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March 2013

Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be The Weekend

I didn’t want to have to be the one to tell you this, but March has almost come to a close.  You know what’s next?  We’re going to steamroll through April, freak out through May, scream through summer, then Christmas…

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Breakfast Buttermilk Holiday Recipes

Hot Cross Pancakes

Every year around this time I have two distinct thoughts.  Thought number one goes something like this:  ‘Oh great!  It’s Easter season!  Time to get my hands on some Hot Cross Buns!’.  Thought number two quickly follows thought number one…

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Bread Recipes Snacks

On Toast: White Bread

  Thank you for humoring my love for toasted bread this week.  Thank you for understanding my love of melty, spicy bagels and smashed avocado on baguettes. We can cream butter and sugar into cakes and cookies until the cows…

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Bread Lunch Recipes Savory Snacks

On Toast: Bagel

I’m not the sort of adult who can be left alone in a house with bagels.  It’s only a (short) matter of time before the bagels are drenched in an embarrassing amount of cream cheese and pickled jalapenos and I’m…

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