Beyond the Kitchen

Away From White

on toast: white bread


I know a lot about white spaces.

I work in a white-walled space.  Blank canvas.

I bake from white bowls.  Blank canvas.

I type words into a white page.  Blank canvas.

Working in white can offer a sense of freedom… like anything is possible.  Working in white can also be overwhelming… like, whaaattt the heck do I do?

Where do we pull our color inspiration from?  That’s a big question right?  Let’s talk this out.


I’m talking about whites because, for the first time, I’m taking my office space from white to not white… and I definitely need some help.  Where do you go from white?


Going from white to not white requires loads of inspiration.

Inspiration abounds.  This cabin in Ojai surrounded by big green, and purple speckled brush?

Maybe green is the way to go!


Maybe greens will remind me of the time I got to make wildflower bouquets with my friend Andrea.


Maybe deep greens will remind me of my friend Whitney’s summer birthday party.

Maybe my deep greens should be paired with bright pops of warm color like pinks and oranges.


I’m surrounded by palm trees.  This green is gorgeous!

But wait… do I really want to commit to green walls?  Maybe I just need to find a potted plant (that my cat won’t eat).  Hm… this is hard.


I know where to find inspiration.

I mean… really.  All of my color inspiration comes from the kitchen.

Clearly I should paint my walls watermelon colors… with the the melon stripes… because how gorgeous is that!?


I love the way this deep peach plays with the dark grey tones.

Food for thought.


Whites and tans and texture.

Dreamy!  And the coconut is so snackable right out of the oven.


Brights and grays inspire!

on toast: white bread

Always and forever… something with color sprinkles!

With all of my color and photo inspiration, I headed over to My Colortopia to get some guidance from Michael Wurm Jr.  It turns out that I hit the jackpot when it comes to turning photos into color inspiration.  Michael showed me how to upload my food photos into My Colortopia tool My Image Inspiration and pull out actual paints colors that could help me transform my space from white to not white!

Michael didn’t even bat an eye when I tried to find a paint color inspired by my kitten’s orange fur… yea.


I wanted to work a bit of geometry into my transformation, and Michael helped me find colors that would feel edible, fun, unique, and just… me!  After some quality time with some painter’s tape, rollers, step stools, and gallons of paint… I LOVE my away-from-white wall!  I can’t wait to share it with you.  Soon!