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Taco Seasoning + Charred Corn Tacos


I like to drink wine from rocks glasses, with two hands, sitting alone at a bar.

I like to eat avocados standing in the kitchen, staring at the wall, with extra salt and too much lemon.

I like to eat summer corn raw, in clusters.  I like to binge on cherry tomatoes.  I like to eat tacos in excess… extra spiced.

Please never let the summer be over.  Please and thank you.


T-minus five days (give or take) before I make some sort of taco grilled cheese sandwich concoction.  I’m sorry/totally NOT sorry.



Grab a spoon that you love!  Any spoon.  Any size.  The bigger the spoon, the more the taco seasoning… obviously.

Here’s what’s rad about making your own taco seasoning:

you totally have all of these spices in your cupboard, you can kick up the spice and chill on the salt, and (most importantly) you’re the boss of you!

Get things going with chili powder, cumin, and paprika.  We’re also going to add dried oregano, onion, garlic, salt and spice.

Like a boss.


This little gem of flavor is inspired by Wit and Vinegar.  It you don’t know what Billy is doing on the internet… you should. He’s funnier than all of us combined.

Now… after you make your spices, you’re going to need something to sprinkle it on, right?  Nachos would be a great idea.  Steak would me totally major.  Shrimp… I think you should.

Homemade Taco Seasoning

makes a small batch of heck yes!

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Grab a teaspoon or tablespoon and let’s get this seasoning party going!

2 spoonfuls chili powder

1 spoonful ground cumin

1 spoonful paprika

1 spoonful dried oregano

1 spoonful garlic powder

1 spoonful onion powder

half a spoonful coriander

half a spoonful salt

half a spoonful crushed red pepper flakes

Toss together.  Store in a jar.  Apply liberally to most everything.  



Summer time!  Don’t act like you’re not obsessed.

Fresh corn is killin’ it right now.  Add heat and olive oil and things get a little out of control.



Heck yes we’re adding fresh tomato, fresh scallions, and fresh avocado.  Heck yes we’re adding too much taco seasoning.  Heck yes we’re the boss of our summer selves.

Just go with it… two-handed wine drinking and everything else.  Living!

Charred Corn Tacos

serves 4 people

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6 ears of fresh corn, kernels cut from the cob

a handful of chopped scallions

 a handful of sliced cherry tomatoes

a seeded fresh jalapeno, chopped

a liberal amount of homemade taco seasoning

corn tortillas

ripe  sliced avocado

and olive oil

Heat a few tablespoons of olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat.  Add the corn and allow to char for several minutes.  Stir infrequently to allow the corn to really char.  Remove from the heat and stir in scallions, cherry tomatoes, jalapeno, and taco seasoning to taste.

Fry up some tortillas.  Spoon the charred corn into the tortillas.  Top with avocado.  Go to town!