To New Orleans We Will Go!

beignets in new orleans

To New Orleans We Will Go!

I’ve been staring at this map of New Orleans for most of the morning.  I’m trying to memorize the way the Mississippi River shapes and bends the city.  I’m trying to remember the order of the streets in the French Quarter, and the name of that really cool second-hand shop in the Bywater.  I’m trying to sort out if the parades run down Claiborne Street or St. Charles Avenue or neither or both.  Which side of Magazine Street has the best shops?  How many steps from Royal Street in the French Quarter must I walk before I get to Cafe Du Monde?

This piece of paper has most of the answers, holds the music, the characters, and details the bustling life in New Orleans.

To New Orleans We Will Go!

I should tell you now… I’M MOVING TO NEW ORLEANS!

The beignets are calling.  The music is summoning.  The life to be lived is just there!

I’m packing up my beach bike, mixing bowls, all the ripe avocados I can get my hands on, and moving to New Orleans.  Come early March, I’ll call the French Quarter my home.

We’ve talked about New Orleans before:  Hello, New Orleans! and Hello again, New Orleans!

We’re going to be talking about New Orleans a lot more!  As I explore the city, I’ll share the great places I find here.  I hope you’ll be along for the ride.

Thank you in advance for your patience this month as I pack up my butter, props, camera, and cat and drive across a few states on this new adventure. I expect those of you who already live in New Orleans to be my friends.  How utterly presumptuous of me, but… just let it happen.  If you’re visiting new Orleans sometime this year, I’ll write about some wonderful people, places, and food I discover along the way.  I like that we’re in this together.  Thank you!

Lastly, I’ve told my cat about the move, and he’s slightly worried about frizzy hair:  his and mine.  I comforted him with the thought of homemade beignets and a parade or two.

Let’s live!

To New Orleans We Will Go!

216 thoughts on “To New Orleans We Will Go!

  1. wow very exciting news. Its been a few years since I was in NO, so looking forward to seeing the city through your eyes (as well as your baking). But what will Shutterbean do without you on the west coast?? :)

  2. Oh you will LOVE. IT. New Orleans was my home for the past 10 years before moving over to New Zealand and traveling. I have so many places to tell you to go, one baker to another. Congratulations! You are also I see, moving in a timely fashion for mardi gras? :)

  3. oh joy, this is so exciting! i have a feeling, that you will fit in there perfectly – and in case of tougher times, there’s always beignets…
    wishing you a lot of strength for the move and great new start!!

  4. FABULOUS! I just posted this quote on my blog and it feels very appropriate for you as well right now ~

    “To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.”
    Henri Bergson, Philosopher

    You go, girl! Keep creating your fine self!

    1. Joy! This is so wonderful! You’re going to LOVE the South! Best part for your East Coast fans, is that we’ll maybe get a chance to meet you at a signing now. Keep on following your bliss, Love!

  5. As a former Cali girl who’s found her bliss in The Crescent City, I welcome you!!! If there’s anything I can do to help your transition – please do let me know. You can pm me at red_beansandrice at yahoo dot com.

    P.S. – if it’s the place where I like to go in the Bywater (where I lived when I first moved to NOLA), it’s Bargain Center on Dauphine.

  6. Lovely! I have a hair stylist recommendation for you. Kim at She was my stylist in New York, and I fled to New Zealand and she went to New Orleans, and girl! Does she know curly and wavy hair? Let me tell you: yes! She can do punk or princess, whatever you want. I usually want princess, let’s face it.

  7. Joy this is SUCH exciting news for you!!! CONGRATS!!! Best of luck on your big move. Moving to a new city is filling with so many emotions and I cannot wait to hear how you like it there and what’s in store for you!

  8. That is awesome! All the best for your move and your new life chapter. I’m moving in March too, back to my home town which I haven’t lived in for 10 years. I’m kinda anxious and nervous but I know in my heart the change will be great and exciting once I get there. So good luck to us both :)

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