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Hello and Happy Sunday!

This week has been loads of work, recipe testing, standing in front of the pantry eating chocolate chips out of the bag, and scrolling through everyone’s Summer vacations on Instagram.  I spent some quality time exploring New Orleans in search of my favorite bakeries.  It was the best (but I drank waaayyy too much coffee)!  The Black and White Cookie above is exactly why ManhattanJack might just be my favorite New Orleans bakery.  They honor the sweet tooth.  Mad respect.

Here’s what’s on my mind and on the Internet this week:

•  I know I talk about nail polish perhaps more often that I should, but this is the kind of lady-talk that really matters.  I Don’t Care If You Like It: Women are tired of being judged by the Esquire metric.  Yay-thanks…

•  My favorite show in the world is Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee and this recent episode with Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the best.  Also, it’s really nice to know that  Jerry Seinfeld with get down with some food.  He’s so great.

•  Can Full-Time Bloggers Live Off Rainbows and Hugs?  An interesting perspective about blog monetization that also briefly touches on the idea that female bloggers are often chastised for profiting from their blogs where successful male bloggers are celebrated.  A little too real, right?  Ladies and their GOMI culture can be such a sad state, really.  

•  I love this quick question and answer situation with Yes Way Rose.  Clever, forever.

•  Sometimes I run out of food thoughts… often related to standing in front of the pantry eating chocolate chips and searching for inspiration.  This beautiful Summer Cherry and Amaranth Panzanella Salad is more inspiration than the blank stare / chocolate chip eating.  

•  I’m a month into working out with the Nike Training Club app.  It’s SO GREAT!

•  Let’s not forget Our Summer Reading List.  I’m on The Invention of Wings right now… so good!

•  I want to drink all of the Peach and White Wine Slushies.  Can we make a strawberry version with pink wine?  Yes way!

•  Fashion:  In the Fray.  I like the frayed demin!

•  This week a new West Elm store opened here in New Orleans.  In all of the hubbub I met Vanessa Holden, Creative Director of West Elm.  Her creative path and super down to earth vibes are really inspiring.  There’s a GREAT interview with  Vanessa Holden on The Everygirl!   Check out all of The Everygirl’s Career Features.  They’re business lady inspiring!

Have a lovely day!

Turn down for what?

xo Joy





25 thoughts on “Let It Be Sunday

  1. I hope your having a great Sunday. I’ve done all i’m going to do today, that was going to the grocery store. I’ve got another 6 day work week ahead of me. I’ll take some coffee, haha. Happy Sunday!

  2. That New Republic article was a definitely worth reading, thanks for sharing it! And I love reading the Everygirl career features; they’re always so inspiring and offer a look into careers I might have never looked into.

  3. I have been using the nine training app for over a year and I LOVE it! I just started using the “program” feature and that is really helping me exercise consistently.

  4. I Don’t Care If You Like It. Damn yes. That was a good read.
    I’ve been also using the Nike Training Club app for a few weeks because my schedule has been all sorts of crazy and I’m really digging it!
    And I’ve finally caved in and pre-ordered your book. October feels so far away!

  5. I don’t see anything wrong with eating chocolate chips in front of the pantry. ;) And that Full Time Bloggers post was spot on! My blog is very very new, and I have a lot to learn and a long way to go, but my dream is to also someday be able to monetize it; quit my day job, and still be able to provide for my family with it, while hubs goes off to work and I stay home with the kids (he wants nothing more than for me to be a stay at home mom). It is a disgusting double standard when there are still aspects of life where women are not expected to perform to the same level as men, and are admonished when they do. Honestly, it’s the 21st century, for cryin’ out loud.

  6. One word comes to mind when I hear about anyone complaining about bloggers making money. JEALOUSY. It’s very easy if you don’t like it, don’t read it. If you feel you can do any better get your a@#$ off the couch or chair and try it. Just reading some of my favorite blogs (Joy the baker being one of them) I know full well how much hard work and time go into creating and writing a blog. Hell yes I am jealous, I wish I could create a website like some of these talented artists create for us, a time for us to set aside and relax from the everyday stress of life. So you go girls and talk about whatever you want and hopefully you make enough money so you can continue to make some of us want a be’s (is that correct now you know why I don’t write a blog) keep enjoying these wonderful blogs that make our lives less stressful and give us a little joy to start our day, especially LET IT BE SUNDAY. Paulette P.S. Those Black and White cookies look wonderful. I keep trying to find a good recipe and I just might try them. Have a good week Joy and keep writing, its wonderful and refreshing, brightens my day.

  7. I think we’re suppose to be friends just solely on the fact that you ended your post with “turn down for what”! (Love your blog and recipes….your lemon bars come out perfect every time.)

  8. Yay for slushies! & I also enjoyed the rainbows & hugs piece when I found it earlier in the week. It’s a massive problem for us all, and it needs to be dealt with.

  9. I just started a boot camp class and the fantastic instructor just raved to me about the Nike Training app! I remembered you talking about it on the podcast before, too. Now I have to give it a try. Just one day a week of getting my ass kicked in this class is not enough.


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