Beyond the Kitchen

Let It Be Sunday!

Happy weekend-ing!  I’m think I have what can only be described as a wind-blown sunburn.  You’d think after 34 years I’d know the limitations of my pale, un-yielding, un-tanning skin.  

I hope this finds you living your summer days well.  With ice-cold drinks, outdoor picnics, lazy beach days, and enough sunscreen to know better.  I’m crossing things off the Summer Bucket List with a smile on my face.  This Amos Lee concert at the Hollywood Bowl with happy parents and picnic tables was ultra dreamy!

I think of you often.  Most sincerely I do.  I hope your weekend in filled with love and happiness.  

Here’s what the Internet has for us this week: 

•  NASA’s 3 Billion Mile Journey to Pluto, Explained.  My brain breaks when I read this.  

•  Schtoon: (verb) to steal someone’s chair when they get up to do something.  “That cat schtooned my chair when I got up to do something.”  I LOVE this:  The Made-Up Words Project

•  Cheeseburger Ethics:  do professional ethicists behave better than laypeople and WHAT, WHY NOT!? 

•  I think that if Harper Lee had wanted to publish Go Set A Watchman SHE WOULD HAVE!  There… I said it. 

•  Some dude straight RAN THE APPALACHIAN TRAIL like a boss.  

•  The man who makes today’s comedy: Judd Apatow for Rolling Stone.  

•  Forever likable and forever hard-working Dave Grohl.  

 I know it’s just whipping already delicious cheese into a flurry… but it’s still really really delicious.  Add olive oil, lemon, and almost too much black pepper for best results:  Whipped Ricotta with olive oil 

•  Between the new dress I have to buy, the plane ticket to your lovely… so lovely, beach destination wedding, and the gift because you registered for three thousand dollar bedsheets WHERE!?… I’d love to attend your wedding but I can’t afford it.

•  A memoir about what happens when you get rid of all your stuff. It’s extreme life-styling.  I really like the idea of asking “does this thing add value to my life” to every item in my house?  TronCat  gets wide-eyed and nervous when I bat that question around.  

•  They’ve gone and done it… they’ve ruined kale.  

•  The Chef Who Saved My Life.  Jacques Pepin really is the one and only.  

•  I thought hard about making a Summer reading list for us, then realized we should all just read Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel and call it a day.  It’s so good.    Stop everything and read it, thanks. 

•  Cupcakes and Cashmere:  15 Best Things I Ever Ate.  I need to make a list like this, or just go eat a bunch of waffles… which is what I really want to do.  

•  Lemon Chia Chews.  Healthful, summer-travel-friendly, and otherwise delicious! 

•  These copper and black knives are super chic. 

•  What Does $100 Buy You In Different Cities Across The US? I mean… chill out California.  

 Stand clear of the closing doors, please:  The Most Recognizable Voice In NYC.  I love this glimpse into a part of the world I take for granted.  

•  We like pink and red candy.  That’s just the way of our world.  “I’ll take the yellow Gummy Bears….” said no one ever.  

Have a most lovely Sunday!  I think you’re supreme.

xo Joy