Beyond the Kitchen Snacks

Here’s What We’re Binge Watching

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I read somewhere that Thursday is the new Friday.  Just in case that’s true, let’s talk about our weekend plans.  

There was a brief time between 1997 and 2000 when I worried about solid Friday and Saturday night plans, out of the house, out on the town, likely in uncomfortable shoe choices with an aggressive amount of eye liner.  Those days are now few and far between, and with age comes much more expensive, far comfortable shoes.  These days I’m very protective of my Friday nights and they usually involve yoga, takeout dinner, popcorn and white wine and television binge… full decompress.  According to me, this is a glorious along with cat companionship, buying myself roses, and eating Nutella from a jar until I can’t possibly any longer.  

Adulthood.  Amen.  What a time to be alive.    

There are all sorts of ways to finagle quality binge television watching from laptop computer to full HD television.  I don’t have traditional cable, but opt instead of the Amazon Fire television box (which I love) souped-up (is that right?) with a Hulu and Netflix subscription.  Between all of the shows available and streaming of Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix, I feel like I have everything ever made on my tiny television (hieroglyphs excluded). 

 •  The X Files Season 1 (1993)  •  Let’s go back to the time before we all had the Internet in our pockets and we believed in alien abduction along with Mulder and Scully.  If you’re in your early 20’s you might not understand the drama, intrigue, and amazing mystery that occurs when aliens are real in The X Files.  I wanted to be an FBI Agent for several years in the mid 1990’s.  Obviously.  Turns out I make a much better baker.   This show was scary and odd and it’s coming back so we need to study up:  Find The X Files Season 1 here on  Amazon Prime or here on Hulu.  

•  Making A Murderer Season 1 (2015)  •  This is all (literally) everyone has been talking about for the past month.  If you’re familiar with the podcast Serial, you understand the intrigue of the real-life murder mystery.  Making a Murderer seems unjust, painful, heart-wrenching, and just…. it’s deeply messed up for everyone involved.  And here we are.  Is this just ‘highbrow vigilante justice’?  This article: Dead Certainty.  Find Marking A Murderer here on Netflix.  

•  The Missing Season 1 (2014)  •  Maybe I binge watch some pretty gnarly stuff.  I have yet to mention Amy Poehler or Zooey Deschanel.  The Missing is the tragic story of a couple whose young son goes missing while they’re on vacation.  The characters are complicated and emotional and I couldn’t stop watching.  Find The Missing here on Amazon Prime.  

•  Mr. Robot Season 1 (2015)  •   is a show about a computer programmer who knows all the codes to all the things, is dark and twisty, with moral dilemmas and take-down-the-man attitude.  Also, Mr. Robot looks like my long-lost brother according to Tracy Shutterbean… but I don’t actually have one of those so it’s just a coincidence.  Find Mr Robot here on Amazon Prime.  

•  I watched The Jinx (2015) on a very long airplane flight and was sufficiently horrified by the time I got off the plane.  It’s the life of millionaire Robert Durst and details of some of the mysterious deaths that occurred around him  Some people are weirdo, eccentric, lying, murderers.  This show was really well done, right!?  Good grief. Find The Jinx here on HBOGo.  

•  Difficult People Season 1 (2015)  •   is SO FUNNY, so pup-culture, and full of so many guilty-laughs.  It’s about two aspiring comics in their 30’s in New York City.  They’re mean.  And funny.  Find Difficult People here on Hulu.     

•  I’ll watch Olivia Pope save the world on Scandal Season 1 (2012) if only for her outwear choices alone.  Shows with strong female leads who solve problems and look amazing and occasionally get kidnapped?  I mean… they’re just like us.    Find Scandal here on Amazon Prime.  

•  Hotwives of Orlando Season 1 (2014)  •  This comedy is so ridiculous and so off-the-wall, yet deeply amusing if you’ve seen every episode of every Real Housewives of Everywhere like I have.  This isn’t a proud moment for me.  I’m just saying.  Find Hotwives of Orlando on here on Hulu.  

For your snacking consideration:

//  Roy Choi’s Furikake Kettlecorn   //  Hot Tamales  //  Peanut Butter and Nutella Sandwiches // Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies  //  Pistachios  //  Root Beer

Now tell me, please please.  What are you watching?