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Let It Be Sunday!

Let It Be Sunday!

Here we go!  At it again, living like it’s a Sunday.  I hope this week has been kind to you, or at least afforded you with a good parking space when you needed it and maybe a smile from a stranger.  You know… the little things that get us through.  

I find myself missing the rhythm of the ocean these days, but I’m here in New Orleans trying to make big moves for myself…. so I need to listen out for another rhythm (probably that of the passing brass band).  

The doughnuts above are a daydream, not of oceans but of time well spend in Boston last Fall.  Union Square Doughnuts makes very fine fried dough.  

The Internet keeps happening which is good for me and likely you.  Here’s some news:  

•  This photo of Obama and a little visitor at a Black History Month celebration is remarkable.  “Whatever the Obama administration’s victories and defeats, its achievements and its failures — and those that remain to come — one look at this little boy standing behind a White House rope line, shirttails un-tucked, jacket buttoned and tie somehow looped over said rope, really makes one thing clear: Our collective notion of what is feasible in the United States forever changed between February 2008 and February 2016.”

•  This was my long read this week:  Is A Surrogate a Mother? :  A battle over triplets raises difficult questions about the ethics of the surrogacy industry and the meaning of parenthood.

•  So wait.  A giant butcher block counter and a farm sink won’t make you a better cook?  Are you sure? When in doubt, Try a Tiny Kitchen.  

 How to not look old and tired.  Thanks Goop.  As always, seems easy. Adjust accordingly. 

•  How Meditation Changes the Mind and Body.  Also, make sure no one is teaching you sham meditation… because that’s just rude. 

•  Two nights ago I went to the restaurant around the corner from my house, sat at the bar, ordered a hot dog and chili cheese fries.  The chili cheese fries came with two forks and I had the distinct and very fine pleasure of pulling one of those forks out of the fries, setting it aside forever, and digging into those fries alone and happy and so so happy.  The Stigma of Doing Things Alone.  

•  Here’s an idea:  let’s build a replica of the Titanic (yea, the one that didn’t do so well), and sail it around… we’ll call it the Titanic II.  Oh wait.  That’s already happening?  Of course it is.  

•  Thank you Adele, for everything… including your Jamba Juice pranks

•  My maj Tracy paired her closet down to a capsule collection and shared her brain and her wardrobe with us.  I’ve taken my closet down to a capsule collection too, though mine is far less intentional and mostly means I’m wearing my denim shirt and favorite jeans every single day.  (I accidentally typed demin instead of denim and autocorrect wanted to say demon and NO.  Thank you.  It’s not a demon shirt.)

•  Do you watch the show Shark Tank?  It feeds my business brain.  Last week’s episode featured these swim suits that cover your body (gasp!), and protect from the sun!  I really want one.  

•  I’m not ready for a raccoon, but when do you think ferrets will come back into fashion?  (I’m kidding OK!?)  The highly profitable, deeply adorable, and emotionally fraught world of Instagram’s most famous animals.  Good grief. 

•  The first sentence of this article reads “When Pizza reached 100,000 followers on Tumblr, she posted a picture of a pizza box…” and that’s literally as far as I got in reading it.  The Internet has gotten away from us… but we likely never had it to begin with.  The Secret Lives of Tumblr Teens

•  Heads up:  We’re adding salt to our coffee now.

•  Actually, forget coffee, this Golden Milk Hot Cocoa is what we should be drinking every morning.   

•  Springtime nude flat shoes with diamonds (diamonds on my finger = shrug.  fake diamonds on my shoes = sure.)  

•  I listened to the audio version of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic on my  drive from New Orleans to Asheville last week and it’s worthwhile for creative hearts and minds.  How many times do you cry on an 11 hour drive alone?  1?  Me neither. 

•  Brûlée-ing Orange and Cream Cheese Pound Cake.  Why not? 

•  Daydream shopping for my still mostly imaginary future house on Lulu & Georgia with wallpaper from Rifle Paper Co. because maybe if you dream it, it will be.  

I hope today is good to you.  Have a donut just in case it’s a little rough.  Preemptive (strike). 

xo Joy